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Comment 08 Mar 2017

Thanks to Jason & Chris for honoring CC Rider (Corey) in this 11W community.  I know it wasn't easy to write this post.  I couldn't agree more with anything you stated above.

The one thing that ties ALL of us together is our love for the Buckeyes.  So a 11W farewell is fitting.

Rest easy CC, we love you.

Comment 12 Jan 2017

Pick Central is my local HS. Although my boys won't be there for several years, we still go to plenty of games each year. The field is walking distance from our house. This school puts out a lot of talent recently in both hoops (C. Levert, J. Tate, etc) and football (D. Hamilton, T. Charlton, Roger Lewis, the Borden brothers, etc....I'm missing a lot). But Ellison is right up there. He's a stud and only committed to OU and a 3 star because of those injuries. I'd love to see him in scarlet & gray. And I'd hate to miss out on another stud RB in their backyard like L. Bell (Groveport).

Comment 11 Jan 2017

I took a few evening classes.  The one I remember most was a Phys Ed class on football officiating.  Like you probably think, there were several football players in there.  I thought it wold be easy since I played football from the time I was 6 years old through my senior year in high school.  I was dead wrong.  I think I had to study harder to get a good grade in that class than I had to for Calculus.

Comment 16 Aug 2016

This was one of several articles about Grant from BTSC I've ready the last few weeks.  He has been playing very well, from what I can tell.

And I love the my Steelers keep investing in Buckeyes.  Shazier is a superstud in the making.  As well as Cam (who may already be there).  They also invited Donald Washington to camp as well. 

Comment 02 Jun 2016

CL, this is worth mentioning.  How about when that particular 11W'er blew it and didn't use the perfect "OSU in the Frozen Four in Boston" excuse for 4 Columbus residents traveling through downtown Providence during the famous 1998 Phish Island Tour?  Thank goodness the RI Highway Patrol mountie dismissed us.

Comment 23 May 2016

Makes total sense since the Browns are loaded with WR talent.  Ha!

So who is going to be picking against the Browns all year long in their survivor pools?  I am raising my hand.

Comment 19 May 2016

Yes, I did.  That was the first time that happened on OSU Day.  The last few years, it was even easier to get on rides after dark as most families had left the park.  But they didn't open the park to season pass folks previously.  We luckily did the MF & Valravn prior to the season pass holders showing up, so we only waited 30 min for the MF & 45 for the Valravn.  The Dragster didn't open until late because they hadn't tested it thoroughly enough that week due to the weather.  The lines got out of hand quickly, so we skipped it this year as we couldn't stay very late (Little league games in Pickerington the next morning). 

Comment 19 May 2016

I've been to CP more times than I've been to KI.  I'm originally from the Cleveland area but now live in Cbus.  But I was just at KI about 4 years ago and have been to CP the last 3 years for OSU day.  if you like coasters, you're going to love CP.  KI is a "cleaner" park, but not quite the coaster park that CP is.

Comment 19 May 2016

I got to ride the Valravn at OSU Day at CP on May 6th.  The first drop was amazing.  You literally go straight down after hanging over the edge for a few seconds.  It's also a very smooth ride and you are harnessed in very well.

The nice thing about CP on OSU day, the park is like 25-33% full, so it only took about a 45 minute wait in line.  Not bad for a new coaster. 

Comment 19 May 2016

I agree with the Millennium being #1.  I'd have to say the new Valravn at CP is now a close #2.  I can't believe the Gatekeeper at CP didn't make this list.  It would be top 5 easily for me.  I'm not a fan of any wooden coaster.  Maybe when I was 18, but now that I'm in my 40's, I need a smooth, steel coaster for me to enjoy it.

Comment 04 May 2016

Yeah, but I'm just saying there's not much going on there in the Super Bowl era.  So my point is that the franchise is actually operating at status quo in the modern era of the NFL.

Comment 04 May 2016

"who's who of Hall of Fame players"???  I know there's more than you named, but I believe you named the only significant HOFers for the Browns.  Have they even had one in the past 25-30 years?

Comment 12 Feb 2016

This hits close to home.  We're the same age and I had mutual friends with Kevin at OSU.  I hung out with him several times at parties and bars.  He even let me try on one of his National Championship rings to see what it looked like. 

RIP Kevin

Comment 12 Jan 2016

DJ, as I stated on Saturday, why wouldn't you want Cardale to be a Steeler?  He can sit behind Ben for a few years and learn how to read defenses.  Plus it is a storied, top franchise in the NFL.  being a fan of both the Buck & Steelers, I love when they draft them.  They go from a top program in college to a top program in the NFL, and they remain winners.