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Comment 16 Apr 2014

Nailed it.  I was baffled how they could try to charge so much for a scrimmage/practice. 

Comment 20 Nov 2013

Took my 2 boys (6 & 2 years old) to the game on Saturday night.  They loved it.  I was surprised that my 2 year old stayed tuned in for the entire time.

Comment 15 Nov 2013

I live in Pickerington too.  I have gone to about 10 Pick Central hoops games in the past 2 years.  Tate has been dominant in every one of them.  Even 2 years ago when they won the state title. 

I often tell the story of walking into the first game I attended after moving into town a few years ago.  Me and my then 4 year old boy were a bit late and walked into the gym at the baseline munching on some popcorn in the 1st period.  Right as i walked in Levert (scUM) made an alley-oop pass to Tate who was on the baseline near me and he soared above everyone and slammed it home against Grove City.  My jaw dropped.  And then it dropped even further once I sat down and looked him up in my program & learned he was a sophmore!


Comment 31 Oct 2013

So did Deshaun Thomas make the Spurs roster?  I don't see him in last night's box score?

Comment 19 Jul 2013

I love these stories.  Keep them going.  When will there be one for Pickerington? 


Comment 13 Jun 2013

The 1st Pickerington Central hoops game I went to after we moved there, me & my son Ben were a few minutes late to the game.  We entered the gym just as Tate ran past us on the baseline & received an alley-oop pass from Chris Levert.  He soared & slammed it down with ease.  Instinctively, I said "Holy sh*t!" rather loudly & was scolded by my then 4-year old boy for saying a potty word. 

We sat in our seats and I quickly thumbed through the program to find out who it was.  I was floored to find out that he was just a sophomore at the time.  This was the year that Central took the State Title.  They were loaded.

CL, you need to come to a Picktown hoops game with me next Winter to see Tate play. 

Comment 17 May 2013

I would absolutely love the Cavs take a flyer on him.  Especially since they've had issues with Varejao and his injury woes.

Comment 11 Apr 2013

I've been watching Tate play since last year's Picktown Central Championship run.  His game kind of reminds me of D. Thomas.  He can definitely create his own shots. 

When my 5 year old son Ben & I walked into our first game last year, Tate was on the receiving end of an alley-oop pass from C. Levert (now with scUM).  My jaw dropped.  I never saw anything like that at my HS.  This year, he was by far the best player on the court in the 3 games I witnessed.  And he still has one more year to go in H.S.!

Comment 12 Feb 2013


Your vision of this site has come true.  From your first stab at this sort of thing with Chris Spielman's Dirty Socks to what 11W has become, I'm damn proud of what you & the 11W staff have done.  I'm sure you're proud too.

I wish I was able to stay on as a writer, but my 2 little boys take up most if not all of my spare time.  It was fun while it lasted.  11W probably a dozen or so page views per day back then.  And it was probably all on us.  :)

I still lurk on here often and post here & there.  It's a damn good site.  Can't wait to see your plans for mobile.  I know it'll kick ass.


Comment 17 Jul 2012

I had an Arts class (Arts College 160 or 161...something like that?) with Treg Lee.  He was in my "mandatory" study class that met once a week.  I recall him being there once.

Comment 12 Jul 2012

Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions, Smokey. 

Comment 21 Jun 2012

I can see the Spring Game in Cleveland for temporary reasons.  But not Cinci.  Cleveland is a Buckeye city while many of the Cinci population are UC fans (understandable) & UK fans (not acceptable).

Comment 01 Feb 2012
Please excuse my ignorance if this has been mentioned somewhere. But what happened with Roger Lewis? Just wondering because Picktown Central is the local school & I've been watching him play the last few years.