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Break out party

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June 19, 2014 at 10:15pm

Good evening fellow buckeyes!! So I was off today and caught the replay of the 2010 Rose bowl and Pryor really looked like a quarterback that game and had the issue not came up probably could have continued to improve his game. But I was thinking back on the last two years and wondering has Braxton had that moment yet? I think some would say the Penn St. Game or maybe Wisconsin. I don't feel like either of those was really on the level that Pryor played in that game. So my question is do you think he has already had it and if so which game or do you think he will finally have it this year and which game do you think it will be?

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This is something a lot of people struggle with Tampa. I feel honored that you would feel safe and comfortable sharing this with all of us here on Eleven Warriors. I'll gladly attend your party. Always remember, just be you brother, just be you. 

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I follow you Siva - I did a double take when I saw the headline

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Me too, but then as the thread was loading on my computer, I wondered why I clicked on the topic..... Lol.... Guess I just had to know.

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edit: thought I embedded it correctly but I didn't :/

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To the point, I guess I have no real idea of what Miller's ceiling is.  When he runs with the ball, he runs to score, which is better than Pryor, IMO, because I always felt Pryor skipped out of bounds all the time, instead of turning up field and run away from/over DB's.  Miller's passing isn't bad either, but until I loose the feeling that he is pre-determining his receiver before the play develops, I guess I won't feel as if he is Grade A passing  QB.  Sometimes I also feel he predetermine his reads on the zone read run play, but it's easy to couch potatoe coach.  Love Miller as a Buckeye, and think with a little more improvement on field vision he could lead OSU to a National Title.  

Big Guys are moving at Braxton very quickly, with the intent to knock him down, his position isn't an easy one to look great playing, and he's done very well in his first three years.  Hard to believe his run is only 13 more games long already.

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So I was off today and caught the replay of the 2010 Rose bowl and Pryor really looked like a quarterback that game and had the issue not came up probably could have continued to improve his game. 

You know Pryor played another season after the 2010 Rose Bowl? (Doesn't matter what the NCAA says)...

Unlike Pryor whose ceiling was limited by Siciliano, Tressel (to an extent), and towards the end the NCAA bs. Miller has none of that.

However, I do think that Miller plays in an offense that doesn't develop QBs but rather uses their athleticism. Good QBs can play in the system but bad QBs can be masked by it. Miller plays strictly from the gun and is rarely forced to go through a deep progression. Currently, the offense he runs in college doesn't directly translate to the NFL.

For that reason I say that Miller does have a ceiling as an NFL QB, and that has been reached. He can absolutely get better within the Herman/Meyer offense and I would hope to see that happen this year. 70% completion, 3,000 yards, 30+ TDs is what I am expecting.


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I want to thank you for the support and everyone says buckeyes fans are assholes!!! I changed that title because I didn't even realize it because I wrote it. Had someone else put I would have been right here with everyone else. But I agree with the 3000 yards this season. I think "when" not if he makes it the whole season he will pass for that and then some I hope.

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Honestly,  I don't think Miller's as tough as TP,  who straight rearranged faces with his stiffarm.  He hasn't had his 2010 Rose Bowl game yet, and I hope his last two don't set him back from a confidence standpoint. 

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I don't think there was anyone better with the stuff arm then Pryor. I could be wrong because I'm not that old but I loved watching him make linebackers and corners look stupid.

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I have yet to be "impressed" with Braxton on the level of most people on here TP I always trusted to get the first down either leg or arm he was a QB I liked a lot, braxton on the other hand I close my eyes when ever he scrambles now bcuz I'm waiting for another injury. I also think TP would have got the crutial first against MSU this year bcuz he had the power to extend. I'm not bashing Braxton, I thinks hes been great but yet to win a bowl game, lost in B1G championship he has yet to win that clutch game at the end. Hes gotta step up this year

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If Braxton matches his production from last year I would actually consider that a "break out."  I don't expect Braxton and the offense to top last year's production because 80% of the line departed (and a dominant O-line at that) along with a monster RB that took pressure of Braxton and the leading WR (Philly won't be as hard to replace as El Guapo and the big uglies though).  If our team is better this year I think it would be because of the Defense.

Not saying Braxton won't get better, just that he'll have to improve significantly for the offense to put up numbers like last year.

I think he has had enough games where he's shown he's elite.  The MSU 4th and 2 was too much to ask/a bad play call IMO.  The Clemson pass was more of an exception than the rule when it comes to Brax winning games.

*To me, Braxton broke out/arrived on the scene with that clutch pass to beat Wisky a few years ago.  That 8 juke 1 yard run against PSU reinforced it.  He's already broken out and shown he can take over games and win games in the clutch, but he could take it to another level to be up there with Troy Smith/TP.


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Braxton will have a good oppurtunity to show out in the second game of the year. Bud Fosters defenses are always tough and well prepared and Va Tech has a big time corner in Fuller.