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Impressive.  With Ed Warinner in, expect that O-Line to skyrocket to top as well.

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Urban:Hey Hillard got something to show you :)


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That whole list is pretty spot on really & it's nice to see something like this from them. I don't believe in any conspiracy, but It's not like it's like OSU gets treated with the same distinction as many of the southern teams...Good to see credit where it's due.

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I would be shocked if we aren't #1 in the D-line  next time they do those rankings. Having Vrabel for 3 years and now having LJ our D-Line is second to none. I can count 4 potential 1st rounders on this years team, and we are getting some studs in recruiting.


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They already did D-line. We were tied for 11th with Nebraska. Unless you mean the next time they do D-line rankings.

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..."Kicker U". Jim Tressel liked the sound of it so much he mouthed it to himself a few times as he shed a single tear.

Then he smiled, "My work here is done" he thought as he walked off into the sunset, never to be seen again.


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I still refuse to click on any link to ESPN, although I do watch some live games online

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I've been watching Fox Sports 1 since it launched and I couldn't be happier.

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I think David Ching better get his resume up-to-date after writing this....

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Espin is overrated unless they show our games on tv 

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Yes, they reward us with Beth Mowins...

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Just when I had her totally out of my mind 

The only reason I can tolerate her is because they usually tag-team her with Joey Galloway.

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