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Alex Boone planning to hold out...

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June 17, 2014 at 6:19pm

Alex Boone skipped mandatory minicamp today and is planning on holding out until he receives a new deal. He currently has two years left on his original contract, and is the 38th highest paid guard in the NFL.

I am pretty disappointed to see Boone's stance. He didn't become a starter until 2012 and was an UDFA that the 49ers took a flier on after putting his drinking problems on full display leading up to the draft.

There are 64 starting guards in the NFL and after his past problems, Alex should be happy to be the 38th highest paid guard in the league. Alex needs to get to camp and prove his worth. He would have much more leverage entering a contract year after posting a 3rd straight (and maybe pro bowl) solid season as a starter.

Holding out on the team that gave you a lifeline in the league isn't a good look to me.

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He has played very well, I guess I understand if he feels he is worth more, hopefully he gets cut and ends up in Cleveland! They paid Whitner well, I think Boone is worth top15 guard money.

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Boone reminds me of Paul Bunyan. 

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I always laugh when fans get upset with a player for holding out. If Boone wasn't playing well, was chronically injured, or just overpaid then the team wouldn't hesitate to cut him well before his contract is over. It happens all the time and people barely bat an eye. If teams aren't expected to live up to the terms of a contract then why should the players be?

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Football unlike the three other major sports doesn't have guaranteed contracts for the duration of the term.  Teams do honor the contracts.  They pay neither a penny more nor a penny less than what the team AND player agreed up.  Many times in a free agent signing, so and so will sign for 6 years and 60 million.  However, almost always the contract is then spelled out that Joe Blow gets a 10 million signing bonus and only the first two years are guaranteed.  If he is cut in year three the team doesn't owe him a dime more than all the millions that they have already paid. Really not that difficult to understand.


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Honor your contact, after all you signed your name to it.


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owners and GMs who honor their end of the contracts they offer

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So if you under preform or get injured the team honor's the contract they signed and don't cut you right?

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OL is hard on the knees, as well as everywhere else.  Dude's performance merits a raise, and he needs to cash in while he's still physically able.

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Strike while the iron is hot...

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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Support Boone's position. As a diehard 49ers fan, our run game would not be at the level it is without Alex Boone. He was just dominate last year and he is one of the most under-rated Guards in the NFL. Get that money, Alex...

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Appreciate the perspective...only watched the 9ers from a far. If the fans say pay the man....pay the man!

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He had a very small window to make a living as a football player. I fully support him trying to get paid while he can. If you only had 10yrs max to make money at your profession you'd do the same.

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