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Comment 4 hours ago

He should have been given the opportunity to "right the ship."

I agree with everything you said with the exception of the last sentence. 

He had 2 years to implement change in the band. I find it hard to believe that if Waters said no more naked/underwear for Midnight Ramp, no more sexually offensive nicknames, and cut the orgasms and sex tricks out that the whole band would have up and quit.

Additionally, throughout the investigation Waters showed little interest in actually changing the culture of the band and in many instances attempted to protect it.

If Waters was truly dedicated to change, I agree that he should have stayed on but it appears that he was far from committed to eliminating these aspects from the program. The culture should be easy to change. TBDBITL is not exactly that because it permitted a loose culture, it is the best damn band in the land because it truly the best marching band in the land, not the biggest or  best party in the land.

If members of the band do not want to change, they shouldn't be a part of TBDBITL anyhow.

Comment 4 hours ago

I'd highly encourage people to go check out FNL.

Went last year with a buddy and it is a neat opportunity to see a lot of talent from across the nation. Last year's event squared EGW against Damon Webb in a few epic 1v1 battles (EGW as a WR).

Comment 5 hours ago

He was a very nice guy, didn't take many notes though...

Probably saved the note taking for the hard classes like AIDS awareness and golf...

Comment 5 hours ago

Haven't had any interactions with Thad in years but he was such a genuine and happy guy willing to talk to anyone. No wonder players like him and his staff.

Comment 5 hours ago

Believe these are at the WHAC, not the Shoe so it may not have a big impact on FNL.

Comment 6 hours ago

Yeah none of these are new from me, been told a few times on 11w but I was a former athletic department employee,....

- Malcom Jenkins used to drive a busted ass early 90s Mazda 323. Before he was an All-American he used to walk around the stadium during the summer time just taking it all in. He asked to come in a few times, obviously we let him and it was so awesome to watch him soak up all of the tradition. Malcom is one of the greats

- Watched the 05 Texas game from the sidelines with Thad Matta. Before the back surgery, Thad could always be seen running on campus and would respond with a hearty fist pump when you called out to him. He loved bringing recruits down on the field for football games. He was pretty amped up (and maybe a few beers deep) watching the game and when Limas Sweed caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, Thad screamed incredulously, "DID HE CATCH THAT?!?!?! THERES NO F'IN WAY HE CAUGHT THAT!!!!!"

- During the WHAC renovation, spring practice was held in the shoe and we had to help direct players to park in the concourse, Two stories:

1) Tressel came out one morning and was chatting with us, started asking us about how we parked the cars and where the first ones were and how the filed in. Awe struck and oblivious we answered Tress honestly with no idea why he was asking the questions. Well, he ended with Troy Smith's car being the last one to pull in.  About 20 minutes later all the players come out for practice and Troy runs over to me and two other guys and says, "Y'all a bunch of rats, tellin Tress on me!"

2) Teddy Ginn was rocking an 05 Chevy Colorado. He rolls into morning practice, late, on a flat tire. As he turns the corner to pull in, he swipes a pillar in the concourse and scrapes up the truck. We go running over and he is like, "aww shit man...". Jamario O'Neal jumps and goes, "It's good, we're good, let's just go" I told Teddy we'd work on the scratches (which most came out).

After practice that day, I'm walking through the concourse talking to Brian Hartline (knew him from growing up) and we see Teddy, Whitner, O'Neal, Troy, Santonio...all around Teddy's truck trying to fix the spare tire..EXCEPT THEY HAD THE TRUCK IN NEUTRAL WITH IT ROCKING BACK AND FORTH! Seriously, heisman talent, 1st rd picks abound, and these fellas are underneath a 3,500lb truck that is wobbling like an old drunk man.

Hartline goes running over and throws the truck in park, yells at them, and we change the tire.

I have many more but those are the best!

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Did you read the report? It is wrought with denial of knowledge, minimizing crude behavior, attacking the credibility of witnesses, and a general unwillingness to impact the culture of the band.

I don't know what contrition looks like on a piece of paper, but I certainly know what it doesn't look like and the compliance report is a shining example of that.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Well I think it is important to note that Waters was not interested in changing the culture.

As I stated above, change starts at the top and if the leader of the program is unwilling to participate in the change then it won't ever be accomplished. 

Had Waters shown contrition during the investigation and a genuine interest and desire to improve the culture of the band, I bet he would still have a job.  However, he showed a severe lack of interest in the current culture and any initiative to change it.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

It was his laissez-faire attitude about trying to change the culture at all. There were numerous opportunities to impact the culture since he took over, most notably when Pam Bork – Senior Physical Therapist, Student Health Services brought to his attention abuse of alcohol and a potentially hostile environment.

Heck, when he was questioned by compliance, he volunteered to provide a list of efforts he will make/has made to address the band's culture. More than 10 days after that, when questioned for the list he claimed his computer had malfunctioned and the list was lost. It took him an additional 3 days to provide the list.

When compliance is investigating you, you don't drag your feet in trying to satisfy them.  Throughout the investigation he demonstrated an unwillingness to be proactive about culture change.

Change starts at the top, and you can't effectively implement change if the leader of the program is unwilling to participate. 

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I just don't automatically accept reports like this on face value. The acts that the band members did were bad. The notion that a grown man wouldn't know they are bad and would encourage them makes me automatically question stuff. That is all. 

So the 9 witnesses and associate band directors misled investigators about Waters' knowledge of the culture? Furthermore, Waters has been involved with the Band since 1995. It isn't like he strolled onto campus and inherited the culture in 2012. He lived it as a band member, experienced it as a staff member, and had an opportunity to change it as the director.

Waters was evasive about when "Midnight Ramp" was eliminated by Band Leadership. Initially telling investigators that it happened in May prior to his knowledge of the investigation, but ultimately couldn't confirm/verify that when asked on June 12.

When asked to estimate how many current nicknames are sexual or offensive, Waters responded that “fifty percent” probably were “questionable.” When asked whether he thought such sexual nicknames are appropriate, Waters answered, “No.” When asked why he then tolerates such sexual nicknames, Waters replied, “Good point.” 

This is just an example of his overall lackadaisical attitude towards the culture. It is tough to fathom that a grown man would act this way or permit such a culture to exist  but don't immediately question the veracity of a report with a multitude of witnesses and other professionals who establish the culture did exist and Waters did nothing to stop it.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

That's surprising to me. My freshman year, there was a mutual attraction between the girl RA on my floor and myself. We harmlessly flirted and I passed out on her futon because my room was locked on Mirror Lake night and it is tough to hold BuckID/keys in a pair of boxers...

Low and behold, I was sitting in the Hall Director's office hungover as shit the next morning to discuss the inappropriateness of "our" decisions. Even though nothing legitimately happened, it took some pretty serious convincing not to punish the RA and to not re-assign me to a different floor.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

As someone who's a little over a year removed from the dorms, I can assure you that dorm life at OSU isn't a constant drunken orgy. There is drinking, people have sex, whatever, but there's nothing resembling a culture of sexual harassment.

3rd Floor Park Hall was most certainly pretty much a constant drunken orgy! But we all turned out just fine...

The RA's and hall directors, and OSU housing as a whole, do not tolerate any kind of harassment, and they promote a culture of acceptance and respect towards our fellow Buckeyes.

I will 100% agree with and back this up. OSU Housing is serious business and they do a wonderful job of making sure students are provided a safe environment to grow and succeed. There was no harassment of any kind on our floor, and wouldn't have been tolerated if it did bubble up.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Personally I do not think we need to fire Jon Waters because of those facts.

Well the good thing is they didn't fire Waters because of those facts.

They fired him because he enabled, fostered, and had direct knowledge of a culture for students to drink and say offensive things to each other.

It is one thing if it happens. It is another if a leader MAY have knowledge. It is a completely different situation where a leader enables, witnesses, and encourages such behaviors.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

They sure did. During his time he was probably one of the more gifted lineman we had, had a motor like none other but just didn't have the measurables (read: height). Still, when they lined him up at FB and ran Beanie at teams, it was tough to stop that power!

Comment 24 Jul 2014

'd like to add that the stadium is awesome. The only thing I would change is the use of the Oletangy River. I'd make that accessible to have university controlled party boats and tail gates on the water. There are a number of colleges that incorporate scenes like this but that would be awesome for the first half of the season. 

Man B1G Dump, that is AN IDEA!!! Unfortunately not feasible anymore since they have removed dams south of campus that has allowed the Olentangy to return to it's more natural, free flowing state...

Which means gone is the brown stagnant water that could have held boats. Now it is a swifter, narrow channel (50-75 feet wide) and only 2-4 feet deep in most parts.which kills the idea.

Where were you with this idea before they started the project???