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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing next to Steve Snapp on the sidelines of 1v2 in the THE GAME when Robiskie caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, 6 feet in front of us. In all of the craziness and celebration, Snapp was so far gone he didn't even realize we scored, added a level of comedy to my excitement i've yet to duplicate
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig, Troy, Cardale!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Oden, Conley, JJ, Sully, Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies

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Comment 10 hours ago

Zaxby's makes me laugh. They opened a hustle spot near campus when I was "in school," and Cane's dumped them in under six months.

Zaxby's opened said hustle spot because they attempted to sue Cane's for stealing their business idea (who they stole from another chicken shack). I believe a federal judge declined the lawsuit  because they weren't in competing markets. So Zaxby's opened stores around a bunch of Cane's locations and sued them again. The lawsuit was again thrown out, and Zaxby's closed many of the stores that were opened for the lawsuit.

Comment 10 hours ago

There are so many things the fan could have said to rile Pitino up.....

"Can't you last longer than 6 seconds?..."

"Why did you make an assistant marry your affair?"

"Hey Rick, can I blackmail you for some tuition?"



"Hey Rick, when is the next sex party?"

Ok, I'm done.

Comment 22 hours ago
That bum juice is bitter! I'm not going to knock the guy because I know alcohol is addictive and alcoholism is real. I will say, I hope Nebraska's punishment for Coach Williams is constructive as much as it is punitive so he can get the help he needs.
Comment 19 Feb 2017

I agree with everything that has been stated. I just liked Calipari coming to his defense. I don't feel sorry for the coaches, I know they are well compensated and need to meet expectations; but sometimes I think those expectations are a little lofty. Not in any specific situation just in general.