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Comment 22 hours ago
You mean he was on the staff with a future NFL QB and NFL HC? At this point, I'm willing to bet it was other factors that contributed to Oregon's success more than it was Helfrich's genius.
Comment 23 hours ago
So you want a guy that Oregon is paying more than ten million to stay away from their program? A guy who has used graduate transfers at QB the last two years? The guy who was handed a budding powerhouse with the deepest donor pocket books in the NCAA and ruined it in 3 years? No thanks. I sure hope Tate Martell and Emory Jones don't read the site and see how much the fans love the guy who recruited them and will coach them.
Comment 04 Dec 2016

His team lost 2 of their last 3 games. In what fucking parallel universe does this jerk off really believe his team deserves a playoff spot?

I never thought I'd say this, but he makes James Franklin look classy.

Comment 04 Dec 2016
If we do, it's going to be an entire staff and program effort so we shouldn't single out any one coach or player. If you want to criticize the QB play, you can attribute that to Beck. He admitted he was over his head last year with trying to learn the offense, Urban's culture, and handling dale and JT. This season, until the last two games of the year, had actually been one of JTs most efficient and numbers don't support him truly regressing as a passer. If you want to critique play calling. You should start with Warinner and Meyer before laying any blame on Beck.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
Yep, he was all by his lonesome until the TTUN game last year, but Warinner was still the primary play caller. It's a major reason they brought in coach stud to coach the OL and let Warinner stay upstairs full time where it's best to have the play caller.
Comment 04 Dec 2016
The problem is that Warinner is the lead play caller. Meyer is second in the hierarchy, and Beck provides input but doesn't call the plays.. But, #firebeck
Comment 04 Dec 2016
I appreciate your offer of assistance but I'm going to stick around and see how this one goes.
Comment 04 Dec 2016

I have been wondering if the ATs at tOSU may have prematurely declared JTs ankle recovered.

I'm still having trouble with why you think this. Since JT's medical records are private, we don't really know what type of break or the severity of the break itself on his ankle. That right there is enough to say this idea is far fetched at best. Regardless, there are four ankle bones he could have broken and five types of fractures that vary in severity. All of those generally fall into a time frame of 6-10 weeks for the fracture to heal, or 6-10 weeks keeping weight off of it.

JT had surgery. Spent 6 weeks in a cast (Who can forget the scooter?). Spent 4 weeks in a walking boot. Was limited during spring practice, and didn't take the majority of reps during fall camp. Then didn't start the first 8 games of the season.

I just fail to see where there is even a hint of doubt that his ankle wasn't fully recovered. You haven't provided any examples of how this injury has long term impacts on other QBs accuracy, there are stats that say JT hasn't regressed with the deep ball, and it just comes across as reckless to me that you are questioning Ohio State's medical staff for JT Barrett's accuracy, in essence.

Comment 03 Dec 2016
So you're questioning the medical care JT received? You don't think that Ohio State is providing the best medical care to their players? Their Heisman candidate freshman qb none the less?
Comment 03 Dec 2016
I want what the OP is smoking. That's some next level conspiracy thought. "but, have you ever seen the back of a $20,......... On weed?" This is terrible conjecture. For starters, it happened at the end of the year and he had an entire off season to rehab. I believe he was limited in spring ball, and he didn't start the first 8 games of the following year. How much easier could they take it on him? This is dumb. Plus DJ just posted stats on JTs deep balls this week in the skully so research must not be your strong suit.