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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing next to Steve Snapp on the sidelines of 1v2 in the THE GAME when Robiskie caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, 6 feet in front of us. In all of the craziness and celebration, Snapp was so far gone he didn't even realize we scored, added a level of comedy to my excitement i've yet to duplicate
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Comment 7 hours ago

It's been this way for awhile, 05 played it perfectly I believe. You have to UV the hell out of the person at 9,500 or so.

Comment 8 hours ago

I guess nobody told you, 10k is when you start (alternative meaning for italics, no sarcasm intended) bathroom duty.

You're on it until the next 11w member hits 10k. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I not only appreciate your comment, but the placement as well!

Comment 9 hours ago

Sent to 11w jail, we repo'd MMan's car. Gave it Hove for having the most HS, pretty sure he side swiped every car in the lot on the way out.

I wouldn't hold out any hope for the credence, if I was MMan...

Comment 9 hours ago

I'd usually wait until I knew he was cleaning the barstools, and then I would go commando and eat the week old chili that went bad from taco Tuesday, didn't even bother with the shitters...

Comment 9 hours ago

Have loved to see the evolution and what the site has become. Best site there is, hands down.

Comment 9 hours ago

You're worried about dishes and towels?

Linga, I want to know who thought it was a good thing to take the bowling balls from the lanes and use them on the pool table and dart boards?...

Comment 11 hours ago

JakeBuckeye = MMan?

Sure has the passive-aggressiveness that MMan loves...

Comment 11 hours ago

There is one thing I want more than Oyster's first DV, and that is for Oyster to DV MMan on his way to a lifetime ban!


Comment 11 hours ago

I've never liked MMan, but my level of hate has never reached the Ramzy crescendo. Generally I felt sorry for him that he got his jollies by coming here and acting like the stereotypical michigan man. 

I never thought I could love 11w more, then Ramzy doesn't just drop the mic, he goes Cash and kicks the floodlights out too!

Comment 11 hours ago

or whatever petulant fuckbats like him do to get off.

Comment 19 hours ago
My class was the first at Ohio state to experience the gateway and I can say categorically, it sucks. It isn't all or nothing. It wasn't cesspool or gateway, there is an in between. Have you been to the Scholar lately? They renovated and it is the farthest thing from a cesspool. Why isn't gateway as packed as thirsty scholar or varsity club on game days? Oh wait, that's right, it's called location. The gateway is closest to the most dense student housing so of course it will attract more foot traffic than bars that require students to walk a long distance in the cold or take the bus/cab/uber. You know the "cesspools" the gateway replaced? They were loved establishments and packed all the time. The University saw a revenue opportunity and created the narrative it was unsafe for students there. So they tore everything down, built the gateway, and within 6 months of opening a medical student went missing from the ugly tuna never to be found and someone was shot dead in the parking garage. But it's safer now, you know, because the University owns it...
Comment 20 hours ago
If you've never heard a student complain, you've never talked to me... Fwiw, from lane and high to 9th and high, a board of trustee, their company, or Ohio State themselves owns every parcel of property along high Street. Ohio States gonna do what Ohio state wants to do.
Comment 27 Feb 2015

+1 for good debate.

I'm not saying an OSU offer wouldn't have come if he didn't go to Massillon.

I just don't think OHSAA should be in any position to tell a high school kid they  can't transfer schools if they want to. Kids transferring schools is not what is broken with HS athletics, schools recruiting those kids is the issue and I agree completely it erodes the intent and integrity of HS sports. Schools need punished severely if they break the rules in regards to recruiting.

Kids though, should be able to choose wherever they want to play and face no repercussions if everything is on the up and up. In Danny Clark's situation, I have no reason to believe he was recruited by Massillon or Hoban.

Could Clark succeed if he wasn't at Massillon? Sure, not just probably but likely. I don't think that he should be restricted or not allowed to take full advantage of the NFL like facilities Massillon's football program has because he grew up in a different area before moving to Massillon. 

Would he keep his offer if he never transferred out to Hoban? Absolutely, but throwing for 1,500 yards and 8 TDs in a season isn't ideal. If he wants to transfer to a school where he can better display and develop his talent, why shouldn't he be able to?

Schools shouldn't be able to recruit at all, but students should always maintain the ability to choose the school they attend. OHSAA has eligibility guidelines in place as far as residency, enrollment, minimum class requirement, grade requirement, etc. As long as those are met, the student should be able to participate.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Haha it is Bucks2000. He was offended by my sarcastic Massillon comment, but has since switched all his DVs over when I mentioned it below.

But thank you, I've been looking forward to this day for awhile!!!