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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing next to Steve Snapp on the sidelines of 1v2 in the THE GAME when Robiskie caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, 6 feet in front of us. In all of the craziness and celebration, Snapp was so far gone he didn't even realize we scored, added a level of comedy to my excitement i've yet to duplicate
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Comment 14 hours ago
I didn't necessarily mean drop Jae Crowder with a backhand (I was satisfied with Perk's effort) but I'm not going to complain, unless the NBA rules harshly on Smith.
Comment 17 hours ago
I don't condone dirty play but when a desperate team like the Celtics resorts to Bush league tactics,.. Sharpen the bows boys!
Comment 23 hours ago
In laws 07/10 got us one for Christmas. I was skeptical until the first English muffin I threw in there with an egg and some pepper jack. All these years I thought an egg Mcmuffin was a quality breakfast sandwich. Come to find out its holding up the rear...
Comment 25 Apr 2015
If all 3 are healthy and all 3 are performing at a high level, so all else equal, Braxton will get the nod. I think Urban has already started to grease those wheels and if you listen to him talk about all Braxton has done, how much he loves him, etc. If and that is a big if, Braxton isn't healthy, I think we will see Cardale get the nod until he struggles and then he'll go to the steady hand in JT if that happens. To me, that seems to be the safest play. Braxton is done after this year, and Cardale is most likely done also. It is least unfair to make JT wait as he will be the clear cut guy in 2016. To me, that's the safest route to take.
Comment 24 Apr 2015

Wexner and the BoT wanted Tressel out before Tatgate ever happened. As soon as he faltered, they smelled blood in the water. Tressel was a dead man walking. Don't tell me Auburn and other universities didn't cover up their misdeeds.

I'm not saying tOSU should have, or Tressel's fate wasn't ultimately warranted. I am saying that he would have received some more support had he not alienated himself within the athletic department.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Yes, he "Fell on the Sword", I'm not saying he didn't at all. However, in the seasons leading up to 2010, Tress did some things that made it easier for the BoT and Smith to make him the scapegoat than defend him.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

That was one issue. He was walling people off within the athletic department. Walling off is a kind way of saying creating enemies.The SID left as a result, Boosters were unhappy. He was winning so people endured, but once a chink in the armor came to the surface he was on an island in regards to support from the tOSU trustees and decision makers.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Paul Brown proved that Ohio State could win at the highest level. Woody established Ohio State as a perennial football powerhouse who belonged in the same conversation as giants like Alabama, and made The Rivalry truly a rivalry instead of just a longstanding grudge. John Cooper turned Ohio State into a national entity rather than just a regional concern in terms of recruiting, and Jim Tressel restored the balance in The Force that was lacking during Coopers reign of futility in The Game.

Well said (as always), AV!

And in fairness to the previous poster's comment, Urban Meyer was the guy we needed when his number came up. Tressel's offensive playbook was more Woody Hayes than was Cooper's, and the game has clearly evolved into this spread-to-run Urban Meyer/Chip Kelley style offensive mindset.

I won't go that far to say the game has evolved to the spread-to-run only. Bama and Florida State don't run the spread, Dantonio and MSU are't completely there yet.

I think what got stale with Tressel at OSU was less his offense and more his program management. A lot of folks don't know the particulars but Tress was starting to wall himself in and expected complete control of the football program. His culture wasn't broken, but it was no longer at its' pinnacle, and that is why I think the change was ultimately necessary.

Tressel will always be MY favorite coach. However, I think you nailed it AV with your description of all of the coaches and I wouldn't currently want any other coach leading the buckeyes other than Urban Meyer, not even Jim Tressel.

That isn't something I could say a year ago.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I actually haven't been spit up or thrown up on lately. I'm sure I just jinxed myself...

Gotta keep the pool deck clean though. The pool is the oasis away from Baby07/10, Mrs. 07/10, work, etc...

Comment 24 Apr 2015

You're the one who said catch it. I'm more of the, Baby 07/10 is sitting by the pool (it is summer remember) and just let it go on the pool deck.

I'll powerwash it off later...

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I realize Tress brought us a championship, but I don't know, it's hard for me to put him in that upper echelon.  The football played during his time wasn't very entertaining (from an offensive standpoint, anyways...those defenses were nasty!!) and was very conservative

So then you don't consider Woody for those same reasons, right?

but even more so I'll remember all the big game (and even upset) losses.

What football team were you watching? Big game losses? Tress won more BCS games than any other Coach. Upset losses? Tress covered the spread more than any other coach during his tenure at Ohio State.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Mom used to work at Good Sam way before the merger. Remember Dad always competing in the "Bethesda" (and just about any other event) Corporate Cup every year.

Kevin Martin (NBA) is also from Zanesville as well as Jay Payton (MLB), his Mom also worked at the hospital there.