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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing next to Steve Snapp on the sidelines of 1v2 in the THE GAME when Robiskie caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, 6 feet in front of us. In all of the craziness and celebration, Snapp was so far gone he didn't even realize we scored, added a level of comedy to my excitement i've yet to duplicate
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig, Troy, Cardale!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Oden, Conley, JJ, Sully, Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies

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Comment 8 hours ago

Good thing he isn't in charge of valet at the PL (hear that Silky, we have VALET)...

Comment 9 hours ago

Truthfully, Robin = STOP Girl and Batman = Alison Brie. 05 is just having trouble coming to terms with that.

Comment 9 hours ago
Still salty bout STOP girl...

Don't be mad at me 05, the commentariat is the one who spoke so strongly of STOP Girl over Brie.

Comment 9 hours ago

I saw his forum topic, I didn't see him citing tyranny. Damnit, I miss AWL of the good things.

Comment 9 hours ago

07/10 won't want to give you the satisfaction

Comment 11 hours ago

Haha easy, it's called BvtW.

EDIT: I'm not even joking, it was totally him, he's that juvenile.
Comment 13 hours ago

BOOM 05! I didn't even roll with the big guns (JLaw) and Stop Girl stomped Brie 40-19 (at the moment)

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Hahahaha I was going to say Calgary, I can't shake the memory of his Sugar Bowl performance, it was brutal...You could smell the stench all the way back to Wales!

Comment 06 Jul 2015

Anyone have any intel on where Ryan Timmons is going?

WayCraKen seems to really believe in his talents...

Comment 05 Jul 2015
No it really wouldn't have helped. If it was a commercial grade mortar, sans a steel plate, it wasn't going to do much. That's like saying a tent is better than nothing in a hurricane. However I'm 100% with you on not ever trying it. I launched mortars last night. We use long ass wicks and respect the hell out of them. Shot from a sturdy, level board, in a clearing, and everyone watching was a fair distance away.
Comment 05 Jul 2015

Thanks for all the DVs, and DVing everyone in here who didn't agree with you.

Yeah, you actually have or you have insinuated all of that numerous times since the start of the playoffs. Just quit trolling Cleveland that's all. We get it at this point, you don't like Cleveland/LBJ/Gilbert/QuickenLoans the whole smash.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

He played for Youngstown State after getting out of prison and I believe at least made an NFL roster before his playing days ended. What he did has no excuse, but people grow up and mature. Good to see that he did.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

You can only do that with the small stuff like bottle rockets and roman candles. We were lighting them off in our mouths, roman candle fights etc. You may get a little burn but that is about it. Once you turn to the mortars and shells, you have to respect it.

This was my front yard last night:

I've got some fence mending to do with a few neighbors...

Comment 05 Jul 2015

So just to recap:

Lebron is arrogant, whiny, and overrated. Kyrie is fine china. K-Love is barely an above average player in the NBA. David Blatt can't coach. JR Smith committed the dirtiest play in NBA history, but Olynyk's was a basketball play. Gilbert is a classless crybaby whose franchise doesn't deserve a title.

Nah, you're not trolling at all...