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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Standing next to Steve Snapp on the sidelines of 1v2 in the THE GAME when Robiskie caught the go ahead TD right in front of us, 6 feet in front of us. In all of the craziness and celebration, Snapp was so far gone he didn't even realize we scored, added a level of comedy to my excitement i've yet to duplicate
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Craig, Troy, Cardale!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Oden, Conley, JJ, Sully, Craft
  • NFL TEAM: Brownies

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Comment 18 hours ago
Yeah the crazy thing is that I haven't even played Diggs this season, he's been on my bench and I'm 2-0 in a 12 man league and I have Josh Gordon coming back week 4.
Comment 18 hours ago
How crazy is this fantasy season? I was offered Jamaal Charles for Stefon Diggs and I turned it down. I countered by offering Randall Cobb. RANDALL FUCKING COBB for Isiah Crowell and was subsequently turned down....
Comment 19 hours ago
True but my point is every game is a big game at Ohio state. You get everyone's best shot. Rankings don't matter. Camp Randall is a shit hole to play in whether they are a top 5 team or a bottom dweller. No undefeated osu season will be left out of CFP.
Comment 19 hours ago
The Wisconsin game is exactly the same it was before they beat MSU, a game the buckeyes have to win to make the CFP. No undefeated buckeye team will ever get left out of the CFP. Like we saw when we don't make the B1G championship game, we won't make the CFP. No bigger than it was, ever.
Comment 23 hours ago
I mean I'm just curious what makes him a dick? Because he is an alcoholic or because he is a coach against Ohio State? Same reasons you tell me not to judge you (I don't know you) are the same reasons you shouldn't jump to call him a dick. Ill take my DVs. Everyone who has DVd is an unabashed homer, and if you want to be a blind asshole who justifies questionable behavior for our team while criticizing others who don't play for us, feel free. These last few days have really let me know how the vocal commentariat feels on here, and it's not good in my opinion.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
And I don't disagree with the points you bring up NorCal. I just am tiring of the excuses the boards come up with for our players while we bash everyone else. *storm Klein was never charged with DV* *but Carlos Hyde didn't actually HIT her* *charges were reduced for Roby* *charges were reduced for Sprinkle* *JT is only a kid* *it must have been the bikers fault* Someone did something at another university? Burn him!!!! As far as DUI is concerned either you have a problem with it, or you don't. I personally do, a big one, but I also think that alcoholism and addiction are diseases and needed treated as such. Like I said above in this forum in reference to Smith's tweet, it's poor form to post these ha ha shame posts and tweets when a man is at his worst. Doesn't matter if you're an anonymous internet poster or not. I had come to expect better of 11w but the Schiano bike thread and this little reminder make me question some of the commentariat pounding away on their key boards these days.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
I knew someone was going to fly in with the, he's just a kid defense. Even though he's old enough to go war, own a gun, etc..his decision making isnt developed enough to not drink and drive so it's excusable. DUI is DUI. Either its wrong or it's not wrong.
Comment 24 Sep 2016
Where does it say he is out on the roads driving? Also, are you in the hypocrite camp that doesn't think JTs DUI was a big deal and his punishment just but want to crucify a coach and lambast his punishment? Asking for a friend...
Comment 22 Sep 2016
Probably just send it to the football facility, someone would see it. Maybe not Austin Davis but the message would get send.