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Mike Mitchell discusses his decision to transfer.

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June 7, 2014 at 1:27pm

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Thanks, I never saw that prior.  I probably have more respect now for the young man than previously.   I hope he makes it big in life and I wish his family well. 

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Great find HighBallAce.  Best of luck to Mike and his family.

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Thanks HighBall - gives some closure and reduces any doubts about why he left. Pretty mature decision on his part, and the right one based on wanting to see as much of his dad as possible while he still can.

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Agreed with all the comments - it's nice to know that it was all about family - stand up individual there !!!

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Good luck Mike! Hope things get better for your family!


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Good kid and player. Classy things to say. I'm going to miss this one, best of luck Mike!