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Great players make great coaches. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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If Harvin had stayed, they would have won back-to-back nc.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I understand the author's only point wasn't just about Meyer's miscreants at Florida, but it was a main point.

He cites the misdeeds of 7 players.



Now let's look at the trouble these guys have gotten into as cited in the article.

A Hernandez - indicted for a couple of murders.  Uh, yeah, not good.

Janoris Jenkins, Jermaine Cunningham, and Maurice Hunt - recreational or PE drugs (Hunt failed his drug test at the combine.  Genius.)

Chris Rainey - battery charges that were eventually dropped

Mike Pouncey - hazing

Riley Cooper - racist remarks.


I'm sure we all agree that  drugs, hazing, battery, and racism is bad.  The Hernandez thing stands alone as particularly awful.  But the other stuff?  Not good, but we aren't talking Hernandez-level awful.  7 players have had some issues as pros after leaving school. My point is that I'm not sure the misdeeds cited (outside of Hernandez') or the prevalence shown supports the bad character point the author is trying to make.

I do give the author credit for not trying to hang these things around UFM's neck as his responsibility, like some media have - which is ridiculous.  But perhaps he makes a valid point that the problem children at Florida may have contributed to him leaving there.


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The phrase that caught my attention.....

"The roster was loaded with future NFL talent — 22 future draft picks over the following five years, including four first-round picks and five second-rounders."

Remember, this is not during his tenure at Florida, it is from one year. So potential 2015, 2016, etc....football recruits. UFM knows talent and coaches it up to get you to the next level!

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I thought the opposite honestly, that that wasn't too many guys from one team.

OSU had 26 players taken in THREE years between 2004 and 2006, including 8 first rounders.  It's not to say that that UF wasn't stacked because they were, but those #'s really aren't so "out there amazing"

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To illustrate your point.

I have a spreadsheet that tracks drafts and the 3 year period you mentioned for the Buckeyes is the 5th performance for any college football team since the AFL-NFL merger in 1968.  Urban's best 3 year draft was 2009-2011 which ranked 121st.  Here's the top 10 if you are interested along with Meyer's Florida team and Woody Hayes / John Cooper's best teams.

4635 2008-10 USC
4305 2002-04 Miami
4442 1992-94 Notre Dame
4305 2007-09 USC
4303 2004-06 Ohio State
4291 2006-08 USC
4236 2001-03 Miami
4004 1991-93 Notre Dame
3987 1993-95 Notre Dame
3978 2012-14 Alabama

2705 2009-2011 Florida
3572 1995-1997 Ohio State
3313 1974-1976 Ohio State

** FWIW, my ranking is determined by giving every draft pick a grade.  The first pick gets 250 points, the second pick gets 249 points, and so on until the 250th pick which gets 1 point.  Drafts since 1994 have been 7 rounds and the total number drafted is usually between 250 and 260 players.  After that I sum each team to give each the value I summarized above.

In Urban's defense his first class was one of the all time greats.  The 2010 draft for Florida ranks 13th all time with a value of 1693.  Ohio State's 2004 class is the best in college football since the merger with 1999 points.  For comparison sake the 1971 Super Soph draft had a value of 1480 and is ranked 27th all time (because I'm sure some might wonder).



Eh, I'm still not a fan of anything that even remotely blames Urban Meyer for Aaron Hernandez being a cold-blooded killer. The other guys, in the grand scheme of things, hardly did anything near as bad as that. Recreational drug use? I've never heard of a college football player getting busted on that.

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