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Official Countdown Until Kickoff Thread

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May 25, 2014 at 2:21pm

It's almost here guys, only 97 more days to go.



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Have you tried Not Your Father's Root Beer?  It tastes just like the real thing, but it packs a punch (5.9%ABV).  It's a little sweet for me though.  Two is my limit.

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Clemson?  I mean  who would have thunk it ?  They had 2 play makers QB and WR, all we had to do was double team the WR, and this was a no brainer win!  No, urbs made no adjustment the entire game, that is 4 quarters without an adjustment??? ReaLLY??????

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What does this have to do with the thread topic?  Anyway, a lot of people thunk it before the we played the game.  We were unable to make adjustment to the screen game most of the season.  Also, Martavis Bryant was no slouch for Clemson at WR.  There were not just two play-makers on that team.

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I prefer this any day to all the "we have no recruits/Meyer doesn't know what he's doing/doomsday" threads. Thank you for the optimism,


"Sherman ran an option play right through the south" - Greatest Civil War analogy EVER.

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Its crazy how I used to yearn for the summer, now I can't wait for it to be over and fall to be here.

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Little late to the party, but Bosa is going to ruin lives (figuratively speaking, of course).

You can feed a bobcat all the chili it wants. That don't mean it's going to crap out diamonds.

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COULD NOT AGREE ANY MORE D J - Ruin is the appropriate term