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B1G championship game last year.

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May 18, 2014 at 2:12pm

So I sitting here enjoying my last day of vacation watching the journey. I'm getting pumped for August but angry we lost that game. I know had we gave the ball to Hyde we got those first downs. I was wondering though, had Bell played safety that game, do you think he prevented some of those big plays or come up with his own big play? I can't do anything but think this is the year we make it happen cause I can't handle another let down this year and have to hear all the shit the hater are going to spew.

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Bell, Bosa, and Marcus were the best three players on defense in the Orange Bowl. Bell handled Watkins pretty well. Although he did give up a touchdown, he did have a nice interception on him.

Having Bell and Roby on the field at the same time against Michigan State would've helped our secondary tremendously. I don't think Michigan State's passing game would have been nearly as efficient. And the running game would have been less effective because Bell is a sure-tackle machine.

All I know is that this year will be a dog fight for every team out there. FSU will be the obvious front-runner, but everyone else has something to prove. Alabama choked in their two biggest games of the season, as did we. Auburn and Oregon are flashy, but not necessarily legitimate contenders. Clemson, LSU, Georgia, Ohio State, Florida, Stanford, USC, UCLA, Notre Dame, etc. etc. all have work to do. The haters won't pile on to us as much this year. We already showed them that we were frauds. We just have to take care of business and prove them wrong this year.


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Oregon I agree but I don't see how you can say that Auburn is not a real contender when they were ust a minute and a half away from beating FSU for the national championship last year. 

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Auburn was also stealing play calls in the first half of the BCS Championship game.




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Not to mention their insane amount of luck in their last two regular season games, their lack of defense in their SEC title game, and while I don't know Auburn like I do Ohio State, having to replace Tre Mason (who broke every Auburn rushing record set by Cam Newton and Bo Jackson) and Greg Robinson does make a team better.

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Exactly. Replacing Tre Mason will be a pain just like us replacing Guapo. I don't know Auburn that well but I do know Ohio State has the horses to reload. And Robinson was the best tackle in the nation. I have no doubt they'll be good but like any team losing major talent, they'll have growing pains. 

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I'm not all too familiar with them either, but they did just land the overall #1 JUCO recruit this year, a running back who actually was committed to them out of high school but was ineligible before he could arrive. That should certainly ease the transition to some extent.


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That game is a tough one to go back and watch again - so happy the defense has a different all around look to it this year.

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I said in a different tread that I think having the entire secondary in the same meeting room is going to make worlds of a difference. Then you combine that with the man coverage and I think we get that increase that would have won us the last two games and all things considered, I feel we have the most talent returning this year compared to others that my contend for the title. We just have to play sound football and win and then when we can afford to run the score up and blow teams out.

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I wonder why Urban strayed from what made his defense at Florida successful. Was it mostly the choices in coaches available? 

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That muffed punt by Philly still haunts me.

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I hate to relive that, but I was there at the game & saw it happen live & thought - "this is going to be a monumental momentum shift." It obviously was. Damn you for bring it up!!

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My thoughts exactly - You're winning, just put up that arm and fair catch!! It's easy to make bogus predictions but if he just catches that I feel we could have won by 20.

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It was the first time in the entire game that we had scored and then stopped them consecutively. He fair-catches that, we run Hyde 6-7 times on the way to a 5 minute scoring drive, two score lead. Ballgame.

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The Mason is more a product of the Gus Malzahn system than he is an elite back. Don't get me wrong --- Mason is special, but he's not as special as Guapo. Guapo has rare size/speed/feet combo. He's 230 + but can shuffle those feet like a 180 lb. ultra-quick scatback in the box.

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Ehhhh, I agree that Mason is a system back; but I disagree that Guapo isn't. 

Herman's and Malzahn's principles on offense are nearly identical - misdirection, power-run game using the H-back as a strength determinant (blocking, running or passing).

Carlos made it 6 yards upfield before being touched every time Dontre ran a decoy swing. And every time Heurman picked up a solid inside seal, same.

Don't get me wrong, I love Hyde. But the O-Line, as a unit, was more special than him. Imagine Beanie with that line.

I got a gray kitty, white kitty, tabby too, and a little orange guy who puts snakes in my shoes. Got mad MC skills, that leave ya struck, and I roll with my kitties and I'm hard as f*ck.

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Remembering this game isn't a part of my therapy plan.

Bell would have played hard, but not enough to be a difference-maker. That's a tall order for a true freshman in a game of that magnitude (although he just about turned the Orange Bowl around with his sick pick of Boyd).

The entire secondary has to function as a unit - throwing in the linebackers (and the d-line if called for it) as well as pass defense has to be cohesive in order for this defense to be effective.

I can't talk/think about not giving El Guapo the ball - I'll lose my mind on a more permanent basis.

I can't wait for November 8 either.

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The other miserable part of that game/weekend, it was in Indiana in December.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!