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10 Fail NFL Combine Drug Test

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May 6, 2014 at 7:49am

Anyone else see the article yesterday regarding the players that failed their drug test at the NFL Combine. None were Top 20 picks and they do not release specifics (other than diluted urine sample for several). Fortunately no Buckeyes, but there were 3 Florida State players in that ten.

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these kids know a drug test is coming during the combine...failing it is just wrong-wrong for so many reasons

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Sounds like several of these are from whatever supplements they are taking to cut weight etc. as opposed to marijuana or more egregious performance enhancers.

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Probably is. A lot of things can make you "fail" a drug test, some of which are not necessarily performance-enhancing or illegal. It could also be the case that these kids don't know how long a drug can stay in your system. 

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Anyone else notice a pattern of where those kids geographically play college ball?

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And folks wonder why so many drafted prospects end up bankrupt.....

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Mexican wifi must have me on repeat