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Comment 2 hours ago

Hahaha.....good call. I have read it three times and am still missing how a guy gets arrested fora breathalyzer 10 times below the legal limit. Maybe he had taken cough syrup for a cold.

Comment 24 hours ago

Hahaha.....I wrote on another post that Joey Galloway needed some love as ESPiN always pairs him with Beth Mowins......look at the expression on his face. You just know she is saying something stupid.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

We may be missing the point....guys in Indiana are angry to be there and need to left off steam through fisticuffs.....WHo could ever forget the ugly brawl against the Pistons and their fans. Call it the cures of Ron Artest....hell he even had to change his name after that.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

That is an interesting point that had crossed my mind when I was reading the article about this 3* recruit. It would be interesting to see how many 3* recruits have gone onto success at tOSU over the past decade. It seems that Ohio kids tend to get undervalue in the * ratings compared to some of the kids down south, Texas and CA.....but they seem to mature and have good college careers.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

I agree.....why Donley was good. It was another era of college football. I agree with many others, I loved Joey Galloway's speed and his toughness. Joey needs some love as he ain't getting it from ESPN when they partner him with Beth Mowins all the time!

Comment 22 Apr 2014

Don't disagree and want to see the kid step up as he was a stud in High School. It's just his name is not being tossed out there by the staff. And the current crop of projected starters are all underclass man (Grant excluded). And with the Freshman scheduled to hit campus in September, and some huge potential LB recruits for 2015......th clock is ticking.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

Hahaha.......let's wait for the facts. We seem to have vastly different accounts on this one. Not sure I have every witnessed a fight that someone gets knocked out and is victorious.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

Ha Angel.......you should have asked for the same discount the FSU punter received so as not to create an NCAA violation of special Priviledges from the restaurant.......better you would have gotten comped.

Comment 22 Apr 2014

Excited to see the young guys step up with Grant.....they seem to be buying what the coaches are selling. Now let's take it to September.

Comment 20 Apr 2014

Get Burrell here ASAP......he may be the "coordinator" that we are missing at this time like DWebb was last year. Sounds like he has the ears of some other top-notched recruits. And we just need one of the LB recruits to pull the trigger soon and I believe another one or two will join ASAP.

Comment 20 Apr 2014

When he committed to OSU he was a 3*, notice he is now a 4* with his flip to Auburn (SEC). I hate the wat the ratings game plays.