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Comment 36 minutes ago

His coaching has been suspect from the get go. He gets great accolades from his time at Stanford but was handed a top 3 QB in Luck who lit it up in a weak, no defense Pac-10. And then when he graduate off to the NFL where he inherited a Top 5 defense, but one that was getting old. The last 2 seasons........probably a better evaluation of his coaching chops.

Comment 46 minutes ago

My guess is yes as the $$$$ makes it too tough to say no. He is smooth and appears to have a great stroke from anywhere on the court. He could benefit from another year in my opinion as he likes to dominate the ball and shoot it ( although not many others on this team can as I cringe where I see Scott and Thompson shoot jumpers). At this point doesn't seem to be trusting of his teammates or a team player. Ask our former can't miss star from Dayton that believe that hype was better than effort.

Comment 52 minutes ago

I have said it since Sullinger left that the inability to find a competent, athletic post player above 6'8" is this team's achillies heel. No rim protection or interior defense, offensive threat or rebounding will always lead to a defeat against top teams. Shannon Scott------please, he is incredibly overrated. Run the offense and play defense cause his shooting is absolutely terrible.

Comment 56 minutes ago

I don't picture him as a willing or closer on the recruiting trail...hey this is Fichigan only goes so far. His recruiting at Stanford was marginal......now in defense, those entry criteria are a stickler.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Lets see...Herman's OC at University of Houston or UFM @ Ohio State. What are my choices again? If Applewhite is going to Houston, it's cause Urban has minimal interest if any.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

This picture is one of my favorites....I vascilate from crying until I almost pee my pants to throwing up in my mouth imaging Brady finishing this meal and asking for dessert.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

How is there a difference of 28 games in those in those 10 years. I realize that LSU has gone to a bowl every year and Ichigan has missed 4.... And even if you throw in 10 SEC championship games (didn't happen) that's another 10 for a total of 14....not 28.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Second-tiered program? Laughing all the way to the bank.

sincerely Kirk Ferenz

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Tom Osborne still around? As it has been many days since they had success and it was in a much weaker conference at that time.

Comment 30 Nov 2014

You guys need to go easy on a teenager just having some fun.....

sincerely, #SMorris, @regretsigningday, #osuphotobombgonewrong

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Guess he thought it was two-hand touch....lol

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Face to face? That would be best handle with a fake speed rush to the outside and a bull rush inside as he pushes you from behind into his QB for another sad sack!

sincerely #98, #DGardner

Comment 30 Nov 2014

Well of course Griese would kiss Michigan's ass.....where did the homer get his degree? And that young line has been there 2-3 years now......not so young, just underwhelming for a group when recruited was suppose to be the Rocks of Gilbrater.