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1st tOSU game

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April 24, 2014 at 5:34pm

I am excited to say that I am finally getting to go to my first buckeyes game. I finally said screw it and bought my ticket to the navy game that way I can't back out. Shitty part is I'm going solo cause my bro in law can't get off to come. I'm in section 146 so if anyone else around there we have to have a beer then I'm gonna take my first trip to DC and sight see. 

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Good deal, I'm jealous lol wish I was going to be there. Last time I saw a game in person MoC was still taking handoffs. 

Football is complicated...

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I have been debating for a long time and I'm the type of person that will blow money on stupid things or for other people but yet feel guilty doing what I want so I just bought it now I can't return it lol.

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Rest easy. It'll be an experience you won't forget. Worth it. 

Edit: I just realized this is in Baltimore, not the Shoe.

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DC alumni club is going to host a tailgate. 


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1st overall game?  Or first road game?

I was at the Cal game last year and there were a couple of Buckeyes there.....


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Just a couple - 65% Scarlet and Gray 

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I'm somewhere in that sea of scarlet to the left...

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Wait ............ I think I see you  

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See the National Archives in DC....it's a little underrated but it's really cool to see the Declaration, etc. Cool fact: the company that made the vault that lowers underground at night to protect those docs was manufactured in Ohio.

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The company was manufactured in Ohio?

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yea...that was terrible grammar ... my bad

the point is ....Diebold is an Ohio company and it had a part in installing the vault at the Archives

Yeti's have feelings too.

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No harm. I just like being a minor grammar nazi. I'm far from perfect myself, but I think our society as a whole is losing comprehension of our own language. 

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1st overall game. Hard to get back home for games when living in Florida but I made a decision to start going every year.

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Bring home a W TB85.  Enjoy your time there(try the monument tour at night if you can).

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I too will be in attendance.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I'm currently talking my buddy into going. Orioles play in town that weekend and play the Reds starting Tuesday after the game. Trying to maybe make a week out of it to see Buckeyes, Reds, maybe DC too.

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I am still debating making the trek to DC. Most of my friends all have young children and the wife will be in AZ visiting friends. If i can find a buddy or 2 to go with, i will see you all there!

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With as long as I lived in Ohio, you would think I made it to plenty of games. With a family that are all die-hard UofM fans, it didn't play out that way. These are the seats for my first ever game, which I will be attending November 8th. Spartan Stadium.