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Post Spring Positional Grades/Outlook

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April 14, 2014 at 1:32am

So here are my post spring positional grades and outlook on each. Obviously not as accurate until fall camp but something to make the time go by. 

QB - A

I would give an A"+", but with Braxton's errors in progressions, a slight bump down from A+. Still reigning two-time B1G POY and future pro will make this offense powerful yet again. Cardale solidified himself as the backup. If Braxton goes down, we may be in some trouble. 

RB - A-

This group along with our DLine is the deepest position on the team. I think EzE, Smith, Dunn and Ball all could start for a majority of teams in the country. What we lose in power with Carlos we make up for in speed with EzE. Meyer really seems to like Curtis too. I think carries will be spread out more, but we should still have an imposing running game as long as our OLine is on par. 

WR - C

I give the receivers a C due to the simple fact that according to Meyer, receivers are not where they need to be and Meyer said he wasn't sure if they will reach where they want to be by season's arrival. No spots are locked up yet, but there are six who could, which gives us some depth. The guys he mentioned could start were Devin Smith, Johnnie Dixon, Mike Thomas, Corey Smith, Jalin Marshall, Evan Spencer and Dontre Wilson. I too am a little worried about our WR play. The evolution of this position will be huge in determining the outcome of the season for us. 

TE - A

Meyer said Heuerman and Vannett have the two spots locked up and he has mentioned a few times this spring how excited they are for these two. 

OL - B-

I give the OLine a B- because Tom Herman said they are way ahead of where they were in '12, but still not where they need to be. Decker and Elflein are the only two with spots locked up. I have confidence in Ed Wariner, but this group will be the most important determining factor to our teams success this year IMO. 

DLine- A+

A nine man rotation or maybe more. They love Johnson and we are deep and loaded with playmakers. Will anchor a much improved D this year IMO. With our aggressive coverages, I think our TFL and sacks go up this year. 

LB - B+

Meyer said Curtis has had his best spring as a Buckeye. Kwon is pushing though and Meyer said Curtis was in a battle. Perry is said to have Will locked up and Meyer has raved about Perry this spring. Meyer also said Lee isn't sure starter over Worley as both have played well. He said Lee was probable. With new scheme, our LB seems to have improved a lot. 

CB - B

Doran has one spot locked up and that Armani is the Nickel back, but he said second CB spot is wide open between Conley, Apple and Armani. Both Conley and Apple are above 6' with range and good ball skills that can be very physical. Everyone is noticing an improved play from our entire secondary. Doran will have an all B1G season and I expect our other starting CB to make some noise as well. With Webb and Lattimore coming in, this spot is only gonna get better. 

S - B+

Tyvis has one spot locked up. Meyer said that Burrows and Bell would compete for other spot. Either way our safeties are faster, smarter, and trigger much better with Ash here. I think this defense is going to be much better. Hopefully a nice surprise. 

Overall I think this Defense will be much better at getting off the field than our prior Defenses. A deep rotation at DLine with more speed and size in our back seven, a simpler and more aggressive scheme, I believe the focal point of this seasons success falls squarely on the shoulders of our OLine and a secondary hinderance on how effective our receivers can be. Potential playoff team that needs to sustain a solid power running game between the tackles, an effective passing game, and answers defensively. Two out of those three rely on a rebuilt offensive line. Time will tell but I think this team is faster, and potentially more explosive and diverse offensively, more explosive faster and smarter defensively with the talent to make the playoffs. 

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Good thoughts with plenty of room for debate. I'd say you were a little harsh on the WRs and a little generous to the O line

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Braxton2Devin's picture

Definitely too generous on QB and a bit too generous on OL. 

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I did find it funny that he says if Braxton goes down then we're in trouble but he almost gave them an A+. How do you almost give the entire group of QB's an A+ when you fear trouble if the starter goes down? I think that grade and the logic don't exactly match up. Sounds like a B grade at best for the whole position.

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I understand that Miller is hurt...but if he returns healthy, he is still a 2 time Big Ten offensive POY winner. That in itself gives an A to the position in my book. After all, if Miller stays healthy, no other QB will see the field except in mop up duty. It would be kind of hard to give your reigning Big Ten offensive POY anything less than an A. I realize that you are grading them as a whole and you are 100% correct, but to have Miller there and not have an A posted would be disturbing to some or most. It should have an "A*" with the asterisk being "if all goes well with Miller from here on out".

"I hope they're last in everything". One of Meyer's comments when speaking of TTUN after being hired at Ohio State.



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Unky Buck's picture

I understand that Miller is hurt...but if he returns healthy, he is still a 2 time Big Ten offensive POY winner. That in itself gives an A to the position in my book.

I didn't say anything about Miller being hurt bringing the grade down. But here's the thing, you're giving a grade to the whole position, not Braxton. You keep alluding to not giving Braxton an A because he's a 2 time B1G POY but that's not what you're claiming to do. Yes, Braxton is an A, but you have 2 guys who are probably C's at this point and an unknown in Collier. Just because Braxton is going to get the majority of the playing time doesn't mean that the position as a whole is without issue. We have 2 guys who are very inexperienced and you can't just downplay that because Braxton is the starter when putting an all-encompassing grade to the entire position.

And I don't think you'll disturb many at all. I'm pretty sure most of us here can handle well thought out, constructive criticism of a position. Actually, it seems like quite a few people who commented felt you overvalued the QB position. It has no bearing on who Braxton is or what he may do. It's just saying that the position is inexperienced behind a 4-year starter.

Rock over London; Rock on Chicago. Timex: It takes a lickin' but keeps on tickin'

mobboss1984's picture

WR were missed by subpar quarterback play at times. Mostly the DB's played extremely well. I was there and I watched almost every play. Eli Apple was a beast out there, and Gareon was pretty good out there. Johnny Dixon will be very good this year as well. Devin Smith makes me a bit nervous. I don't know if he was covered well or the QB's wasn't doing well enough, but he made no noise. As far as the OL, I hope our defensive line is that good, because our OL was owned. Our Linebackers were much improved for sure, because Nick Vannett wasn't open alot of times. TE's were deadly against us last year.

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gm3jones's picture

I would say this is pretty good analysis. QB a bit to high (Cardale didnt impress me what so ever in the spring game; JT did.) WR I think he kinda was way to harsh on. I thought the WR looked right around a B-. I am most excited about the LB play that looks to be developing. Worley and LEE look very good-- so did Kwon. They looked like they put some work in the offseason. O-line looked a little suspect, but I am not putting my emhpasis on them on a spring game vs our D-line.

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Furious George 27's picture

Hard to really judge any unit based on the spring game just because everyone was split up and many starters didn't play. Felt it was more of the pass D vs the Pass O based on the number off pass attempts and overall coverage looked better. With the injury to Miller it was not going to happen, but it would have been better to see #1 Offense vs #1 D with no blitzing to test the pass D. Thought Apple looked good for just having his black stripe removed.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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HotSauceCommittee's picture

My grades
QB - B+ for Braxton's ability to win games.
RB - B for lots of potential but lots of unknowns.
WR - C+ as stated by OP
TE - B need the ball more to bump up
OL - B- for lots of unknowns
DL - A
LB - B- just because we look better doesn't mean we are yet.
CB - incomplete
S - B- should be improved but Bell only has one start under his belt.

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HotSauceCommittee's picture

I should add that by game 3 I expect most of my grades to jump.

TresselourgodUrbanoursavior's picture

I would hate to see Bell not start. Gotta let the playermakers make plays.

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BAR43's picture

I though that Ball was the surprise at RB. I think he showed "Hyde" power and was consistently taking mulitple tacklers forward on several plays. He also was pretty quick to the edge. I still have yet to be impressed with Dunn. Either way the position overall will be pretty solid next year.

Additionally the defense as a whole looked good. However, these spring games give more advantage to defense than offense in my opinion. You can just tell the offense isnt all on the same page quite yet, but it takes more time to get to that point.... much more than just 2 weeks. It is fairly easy for a defense to play cohesively with 2 weeks practicing and only playing in a base defense.

crusher's picture

QB'S- D- neither QB could hit the side of a barn beyond 15yrds. Both eyed down receivers and we're very indecisive. C.J. held onto the ball way to long and had zero pocket awareness.
RB- A- Was very happy with Dunns field vision and ability to hit the hole quickly. Ball was very physical.
Although he isn't a finished product, Zeke has shown he excels in every facet of the game. Definitely a future star.
WR- C I found the W's the hardest to grade. The DB's took away the short pass but the WR's were able to get open down field. I was hoping to see the WR's make guys miss.
OL- C- They were also hard to grade since the starters didn't play together. No one really stood out except when they were getting beat. I can honestly see Knox and Jones getting a shot at serious playing time.
D- Line A+ Has the potential to be the best and deepest D-line in recent OSU history. If LJ really does take the leash off these puppies the rest of the B10 is screwed
LB- C Pretty average. They didn't make big plays but they didn't give up a lot either. Also hard to grade since they didn't get to blitz
CB- A- I loved how aggressive they played. Night and day compared to last year. Apple played great and Conley also made some nice plays too. With a healthy Bell and with Eric Smith potentially adding depth in the fall I think by mid season this secondary may end up being something special.
P- A+ The Ginger Aussie is fricking awesome.
K- C- Both kickers showed they have range but their accuracy leaves a lot to be desired

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