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Comment 21 Apr 2014

I'm really excited to see our secondary in action this fall. Fresh new faces and a scheme that seems like it could be the answer and missing element from the past couple of years. 

Comment 12 Apr 2014

Based on everything I've read so far, sounds like our OLine development will be a huge factor. 

And the defense sounds promising. 

Comment 04 Apr 2014

My thoughts exactly. They play different positions. And when Urban has mentioned Jalin, he's had good things to say. 

I'm really looking forward to watching:

1. The Oline

2. The WRs

3. The secondary

4. The LBs

5. Curtis

Comment 04 Apr 2014

I agree about the Reeves bashing. Reeves was a true Soph last year. He must've been grasping his assignments, the play book, to compliment his physical attributes as a player and it's not like the rest of our back seven wasn't making many of the same fundamental errors he was making. He earned the trust of the coaching staff who I believe we should trust more than our own instinctive, angry and diluted knowledge as mere fans. Cam looked good in garbage time against Indiana...but Reeves had the coaches trust for a reason. When Urban involved himself more with the defense during bowl practices we saw Pitt get replaced. Armani was still out there for a reason. 

I like the physicality he plays with. I think he will do much better under Ash's philosophy rather than Withers'. 

Comment 02 Apr 2014

I love hearing about our LBs improving especially Curtis. 

i think Ezekiel, Rod, and Brionte are going to an awesome trio out of the backfield. I predict Zeke will get 50-60% of the carries and Brionte and Rod split the rest. 

Cant wait to see what Dontre and Jalin do from the H. I think that's where Curtis ends up too. 

this offense is much faster. OLine and a power run threat are going to be key but we will put points on the board. 

tge defense sounds like it will be better and much faster both mentally and physically. I'm more stoked about this year than I was last year. 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Hopefully it will be up on YouTube shortly after it's broadcasted. 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Maybe Samuel is in the RB room to learn the offense the same way Dontre learned concerning HB. Dontre was with the RBs last year IIRC. Learning RB duties first then routes? So maybe we'll see Curtis with WRs next year? 

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Ezekiel 20lbs heavier...our backs will be fun to watch this year. Loved the comments on Dontre as well. I have a feeling we're gonna see more of a RB by committee this year with Elliott//Smith//Dunn being the guys. 

Sounds like Curtis is probably going to turn in a typical freshman year which is ok, but it leaves me wondering who will back up Dontre at H with Jalin down. I'm sure Jalin will be fine by fall camp but it was an injury that set him back last fall camp. I hope he can stay healthy. 

Comment 21 Feb 2014

I think you're dead on for both sides of the ball on the LOS. 

- Noah Brown will be strictly a WR IMO. I have no clue who will play at receiver other than Spencer and D. Smith; look at this pool of talent to choose from:  Mike Thomas, James Clark, Jeff Greene(sp?), Corey Smith, J. Dixon, T. McLaurin(sp?), N. Brown

- Another note on WR's; I don't think Spencer is safe as a starter. Yes he can block extremely well, but I have a feeling after our passing game woes late last season Urban is going to turn up the intensity. Marshall is probably going to be in the mix for sure as well but I see him being more of a hybrid.

- I think RB is up for grabs and this is the pecking order I'm going to go with: Elliott--Smith(if he pulls his head out of his rump)--Dunn and Ball are even IMO...maybe Brionte gets the nod.

- Our new Hybrids are what I am most stoked to see. This is a loaded position for us. Here are the guys with Dontre getting the start IMO: Wilson--Samuel--Marshall--Campbell. 

- I think the starting LB's will be a given including Trey Johnson at WILL. Kwon is going to have to be one special guy to replace Curtis Grant (who also happened to be a #1 ranked LB high school recruit). 

- SS will be Powell IMO with Bell at FS. Nickel will be Burrows or Worley I'm guessing. Tanner, J. Thompson, and E. Smith will compete for 2nd team reps. 

-CB is gonna be another great battle I'm thinkin. Doran has one starting spot locked up but the other is totally up for grabs. I'm going to predict Eli Apple wins that battle. Reeves, Webb and Lattimore will be competing for 2nd team reps. 

Comment 24 Jan 2014

Class act of a person. Heart and soul. By far my favorite Buckeye. 

Comment 19 Jan 2014

3 Stars

Malcolm Jenkins 

James Laurinaitis

AJ Hawk 

Travis Howard - Started for 2 years

Zach Boren - Stud

Bradley Roby - NFL/All-American

Jonathan Hankins - NFL

Tyvis Powell - current starter

Pat Elflein - probable starter

Jacoby Boren - probable starter

Jamal Marcus - Baller!!

Joel Hale - current Starter

Jeff Heuerman - current starter/ probable NFL

Kenny Guiton - Stud










Comment 04 Jan 2014

• Turnovers killed us. If anything to blame its us giving Boyd/Watkins the ball 4 times. 

• We can't blame the defense because they made enough plays to give our offense a chance to win. Our Oline didn't play their best, Braxton was beat up, a lot of offensive miscues. 

• Can't put all the blame on the offense; the lack of defensive adjustments was a factor. Hard to make adjustments considering how beat up we were on defense. But still, we didn't see Shazier, our best blitzer, doing that at all. Not that I remember. They exposed our soft coverage and underneaths all night long. 

• Can't put all the blame on the coaches, Philly's muff was huge, Braxton had some bad reads and 3 TO's, ...the players played the game. 

• Can't blame the players completely either. Obviously some play calls on both sides of the ball the coaches would like to have back. 


Overall these coaches and players put so much into these games and seasons and while we all expected more I'm still grateful to have Urban as our coach and I'm proud of the players too. 




Comment 30 Nov 2013

I don't have dvr, so I can't rewind it, but to me I thought it looked like either a horse collar or nasty face mask that brought Dontre down. I was screaming at the tv so I can only imagine how Dontre felt. Then homeboy rips his helmet off. Dontre was retreating and doing the right thing until that point. If I'm coach, I'm backing Dontre up big time in that spot. ....I really, really dislike ttun. 


Earlier in the week Dontre said he didn't know much about the rivalry. Said he watched the game last year and that he'd find out when he got into the game. Welcome to the goat of rivalries. I'm sure he's bought in at this point.