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Spring Game Streaming Online?

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April 9, 2014 at 12:17pm

I'll be sitting in grad class all day Saturday and I'd like to watch the game on my laptop. Anyone know if it will be streamed online?

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Also, if you aren't concerned about watching it live, it will be rebroadcast later in the evening on BTN @ 11pm eastern, and then on Sunday morning @ 10 am eastern, and then re-aired at various days & times ad nauseam for the foreseeable future.

Buckeye_in_SEC_country's picture

I don't have BTN.  I have Comcast and it is a premium price for BTN.

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It is on ESPN, oh wait nvm, we are not in the SEC.


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Now that was funny.................. M

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Try this....


I promise it's not a fake site (even though that's what I initially thought).

I stream a lot of our games from it on VLC player, but IDK for sure if spring game will be on there.

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Bookmarked. Thanks for the tip!

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Anyone have a site where I can watch some of this year's past Buckeye games? They have PSU Wisky and I think the two games of the season I don't want to watch again on youtube. But I really wanted to watch the Indy game, Purdue, maybe Illinois, etc.

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So apparently you can't stream the game for free on BTN2go.  You have to access it through your cable provider on the website.