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Just in case you need a reminder of Cardale's talent here you go.

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April 5, 2014 at 7:23pm
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He absolutely doesn't look to run when the pocket collapses. Stands tall in the pocket and takes hits to deliver the ball as well.

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Dat throw at 1:09...damn. He's got a cannon. 

"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes

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So tough for Cardale last year - every time we saw him play only runs were called and it usually was b/c we were up by a few touchdowns and it was the 4th Q. 

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Been excited about him for a while. He's got NFL QB written all over him I think. A few big steps obviously before then, but it could happen.

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I'm a big fan of our qb stable right now! There's like a farm system going on!

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He kind of got shoved in the closet due to having to enroll at Fork Union to work on his grades and then the tweet but he never quit on himself and he's coming on strong. Awesome for him....

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Really good point. If he ends up starting and doing well, its going to cause such immense amount of butt hurt because of his tweet. The fact that he's busted his butt will be ignored. And that's fine. I really like that kid.

Do I come off as arrogant? Shame on me, I was hoping it would be more obvious.

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I could still be drunk from last night but I seem to remeber Cardale and Glenville playing Braxtons team in what I think was the state championship game? Or at least playoffs...
Anyhow, I remeber thinking that Glenvilles QB was the best player on the field. He was out playing Braxton. I knew who Braxton was at the time but no idea about Cardale then. Just intersting to think back...

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"The height of human desire is what wins, whether it's on Normandy Beach or in Ohio Stadium." - Woody Hayes