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What happened to Jamal Marcus?

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April 1, 2014 at 12:30am

Sorry if I missed information about Jamal Marcus, but it seems like he is behind few guys right now. I think a lot of people expected him to be with ones while Noah Spence is out but it doesn't seem like that is the case anymore.

Does anyone know what happen there?

If I remember correctly, last year most people were happy with his performance, especially in Clemson game, including 11w staffs.

Did he have any set-backs or other players just caught up to him?


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I think he is a casualty of a numbers game right now. Spring game around the corner with a chance to shine. I think I remember seeing something posted to this effect. 

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Transferring to UNC


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Bass Dropper 

You wonder why people question your posts sometimes.


And the official ID on him from the Athletic Department



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You wonder why people question your posts sometimes


no i don't haha



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I guess nobody looked at the calendar when i made that post


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Awwwwhahahahahahahahaha. I'm not gonna lie, you got me gooooood. That's too funny.

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Jamal is transferring to UNC.  Get over it.

The bad news is that, since Larry Johnson does so much east coast recruiting, Larry is going to UNC too!

Just confirmed by Birm on

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Bravo. April fools or not that's a fair post. I wish I had enough upvotes to get you back in the green. 

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Its April Fools Day..... Question everything!

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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He's probabaly at the WHAC getting bigger, stronger and faster to play for 4-6 seconds as fast as possible.  Just a guess tho

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Anyone else concerned that our opponents are going to start drawing up 7 second plays?

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Nope, not with our D line.

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As long as a loss continues to ruin my day, it will be our team. 

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Coach A - "Bingo, man, bingo. 6 second plays. And we guarantee just as good a play as the 5 second folks"

Coach B- "You guarantee it? That's - how do you do that?"

Coach A "If you're not happy with the first 5 seconds, we're gonna send you the extra second free. You see? That's it. That's our motto. That's where we're comin' from. That's from "A" to "B"."

Coach B "That's right. That's - that's good. That's good. Unless, of course, somebody comes up with 7 second plays. Then you're in trouble, huh?"

Coach A: "No! No, no, not 7! I said 6. Nobody's comin' up with 7"

Coach A "Step in to my office"

Coach B "Why?"

Coach A "Cause your F'n Fired!!!"

Out Work, Out Think, Out Play!!!

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New coach.  If Vrabel were still the DL coach, Marcus is prob rotating w Spence this spring.  LJ likes Lewis a little better now or is trying to motivate Marcus.

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Here I thought he was going back to High School and would still have 2 years of eligibility when he returned. 

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I should have waited till tomorrow to ask a question... totally forgot what day it is haha

Still got answers and more laughs... Thanks everyone!

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