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new look, whole new level?

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March 26, 2014 at 10:30am

Now I know its still very early yet, but all of this spring practice talk is getting me amped, and it has my mind meandering through all the what if's and such, but with all of these new, young weapons on both side of the ball, and somewhat new approach on offense and defense, where do you see this team ranked to start, or even finishing the upcoming season? Or do they even start or finish ranked because of the youth and inexperience? Just wanted to see what everyone else's thoughts may be on this..

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Or do they even start or finish ranked because of the youth and inexperience?

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I can't..my ride can't pick me up for another hour at least..

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Start ranked between #6-#10, probably finish somewhere around there but no less. Worst case, I think we'll lose a game somewhere in the regular season, leaving us just outside the playoff, but we win the bowl game.

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Just asking for your opinions..I mean with new coaches, new schemes, new faces on the field, whole new offensive line..not saying I have any doubts, just curious how everything will come together..

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Gotta figure that at least Alabama, Auburn, Baylor, FSU, Oklahoma, Oregon, Stanford, and maybe even Mich State start out ranked ahead of them. That puts them ninth, maybe eighth at best, to start the season.

You cannot control where you start, but you CAN control HOW YOU FINISH! So how about win at least the last two games this year!

They are more talented than any other team on their schedule. Hopefully, that translates to 13-0 going into the playoff.

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Good question. I think losing our last 2 games last year and losing almost all of our headline players (Miller is the exception) will hurt us a bit in the opening ranking. I think this team will be more balanced and ultimately better than last year's version, but the success of the season and final ranking and making the playoff all depends on whether they can gel before they lose a game. And i think they will.

Preseason ranking: 11

Final Ranking: 1

I have faith that the offense will be more explosive and less predictable by the time the playoff rolls around. I'm counting on a pretty good defense, not lights out, but pretty good. Disruptive enough to force turnovers and disciplined enough to not get beat by the same play 30 times in a game, or get beat over the top by not understanding assignments. So based on that, I think we go the distance. Faith springs eternal.

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Have to take a wait and see approach this year. My greatest concern is Braxton not developing enough of a repertoire with his receivers in the offseason, especially the 'new' ones like Dixon, C. Smith, and Dontre. The O-line is a question but the answer should be favorable given Warriner's track record. Overall, I'm not expecting too much or too little out of the offense. I do however expect the defense to reach dominant levels once again. I have confidence the LBs will be vastly improved, the D-line will wreak even further havoc and with the addition of Ash and plenty of young talent, I feel the DBs will be a pleasant surprise. Having Ash and Larry Johnson I'm really excited about. 

I bet the media underestimates the Bucks to start, hovering around tenth, but we handle every opponent we face climbing into the top 5. From there on out, I can't tell ya!

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Start 9th - finish #1

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Start #7, end #3. I'm not so sure about another undefeated season.  Realistically I think we drop one... But I would LOVE to be mistaken here.  

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Start Top 10 - Finish in the Playoffs - so Top 4 - That gives us a chance, and I can't ask for any more than that!

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Start 10

Finish 7


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Start #10

Finish #2 - I think this is the year Urb makes it to the NCG, where we lose our first game of the season.

Simply put, this team goes as far as Braxton takes it. He has the talent around him, it's just very young. As a QB coming back for his last go round, will he be Vince Young or will he be Todd Boeckman?

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God I couldn't handle another NC game loss.


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Amen!  I'd rather lose one in the season and go win a BCS bowl than go undefeated and lose the national title game.  

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The way i look at it is this...

we finished ranked #12 in the AP with some weaker/inconsistant teams ahead of us

South Carolina finished 4th.... that wont be the case next year when they lose Clowney, and all the seniors 

Clemson finished 8th... with Sammy and Boyd gone and its left to the younger guys... i dont see them losing less than 2 games 

UCF finished 10th ... well its UCF not likely to happen again 

Missouri 5th... well they made 1 hell of a run in the "mighty"? SEC they have DGB but he has had his ups and down and hasnt yet become the Kracken type of monster we all thought he would be yet... theyre run next year depends on their schedule, their QB play and their Defense... chances are they wont be top 10 next year... 

so id say us being Ranked top 6 would be a fair assesment to begin with. 

but then you have to look at our SOS 

Virginia Tech is a toss up, that one could help us in a blow out victory only if VT ends the season with at the most 3 losses 

Cincinnati could help as well as long as they too finish strong

PSU, MSU, TTUN are the big games we need to win those games outright and they need to play up to their own hype throughout the season, Illinois, MD, Rutgers, Sota, and Indiana are all poop shoots, those games wont mean much toward our rankings, we need to win those games by the end of the first quarter for them to help our case 

so as long as we go undefeated again were in the playoffs... if we lose 1 were most likely out of playoffs ranked 5-6 

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Sometimes when we beat good teams early in the season it really deflates them and they lose to teams throughout the season they really should beat and overall it kills us and our SOS.