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Is Boren really a lock at center?

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March 22, 2014 at 10:17pm

Price has been rotating with Boren with the ones on a pretty consistent basis. Boren is a little undersized. Price is bigger and Warriner has called him the strongest player he has coached. Urban has also praised Price a number of times this Spring. Thought?

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Yes because Price is not doing well with the shotgun snap

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Boren has the experience with the team but I keep hearing that Price is pushing him hard. What I hear from people closer to the team than me is that Boren is not a lock at this point.

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Warriner said that MAROTTI said that he is the strongest player that he's ever coached.  WARRINER did not say that Price is the strongest player that HE has ever coached.

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Either way, he's damn strong

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It's a long long long summer

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If Price gets the mental side of the game down, he will be the starter. He's physically superior to Boren, just needs to get better on blitz pickups and shotgun snaps.

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would Boren move to another spot on the line? Or just get surpassed.

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Boren is pretty much stuck at center. He's way too small to be a tackle and the rotation at guard is already deep, especially when fall rolls around. Plus you never know what injuries will do... say Price wins the job but gets hurt, Boren is just one play away from starting.

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Ah hell, just make him a linebacker. Worked out before.

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Too often the past year Corey Linsley's worst snaps came at the most inopportune moments.  Hopefully Boren or Price learns from that and is a consistent shotgun snapper bc that is where the whole offense is run from other than victory formation

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I was wondering why Price hasn't played Guard at all. If he's so strong and athletic and whatnot. Hopefully it's a good sign that Underwood and Elflein have locked up spots.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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That's a little crazy that I set next to Billy every day in earth science... and to think he could be the next great center for the S&G

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That's one of the best things about being a Buckeye on main campus. The guys you've looked up to all your life are your classmates.

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The best player plays in UFM's offense. 

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Straight up ....... No Ifs Ands or Buts .............. Absolutely no favorites