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College Football coaching job ranks

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March 13, 2014 at 11:25am

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Florida being number 2 is a head scratcher for me. I can not see them being in the top 5.

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One word. Recruting.

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Bingo. Home territory combined with the SEC and recent success would make Florida highly attractive to any coach. Plus, you're near a beach and decent weather all year.

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Rankings of this kind are subjective by their nature, and the criteria used is summarized with the statement "where would we want to coach."  Hard to argue with that criteria.  Still, I agree with the others that UF is too high.  Whatever recruiting advantage they have from being in Florida is split between FSU and Miami, not to mention that every major program in the country is coming down to Florida to recruit.  When the authors say "location, location, location" to explain granting the hell pit that is Gainsville the number 2 spot on the list, I can only conclude that the authors don't care for seasonal variations in temperature.

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1. Alabama given their depth of talent and tradition

2. Texas 

3. Ohio State

4. USC

5. Notre Dame


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I agree with this list. As much as I cannot stand Notre Dame, there is no way you can put Florida ahead of them IMO. 

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I think the top four jobs in the country are Texas, USC, Alabama, and Ohio State. The order you want to put them in is totally subjective, but those four have separated from the rest of the pack. After that you can make good cases for a lot of schools (UF, Ttun, ND, LSU, FSU, etc.) depending on what you see as the most important factors in ranking the jobs.

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I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Alabama wasn't as nearly as attractive pre Saban. 


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I say (in no order) USC, OSU, Notre Dame, and Alabama are the upper echelon.  Texas has money and a fertile recruiting ground, but Notre Dame probably has more tradition and prestige than any other school.

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Naw, Notre Dame isn't any more. Top 10, yes, top 5, no.

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As much as I hate Notre Dame, they are able to get top recruiting classes every year in a relatively talent-scarce state. Its the program that brings recruits, not to mention that they made it to the championship last year.

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I'm a Buckeye, Ohio State alum and Columbus native… but you're wrong about Notre Dame IMO. They have everything; tradition unsurpassed by anyone (equaled by a few, including OSU), tremendous facilities, a national and passionate fan base and ELITE academics. Notre Dame is a truly special campus, and one of the very best academic experiences this country has to offer. A Notre Dame degree is a difference maker. All things being equal, the guy with the Notre Dame education usually wins out. Yes, Indiana is a talent deficient high school football state… but ND is a national player in recruiting. Being in Indiana doesn't prevent them from amassing top talent almost every year. All in all, Notre Dame is absolutely top 5. 

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USC, Texas, and Notre Dame have LOTS of ups and down swings in their programs.  It takes more stability to make the top 5, IMO.

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I think of it in terms of where I would "officially visit" if I happened to be a stud recruit instead of a 45-year old weekend warrior. In no particular order, OSU, TX, USC, Oregon, ND.

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Much of this seems to be predicated on available talent in the region. How does Notre Lame make it that high? The only thing I can also say for FLA is you'd be a coach in a state with no state income tax. That's the same for Texas and had to factor into quality of life the position would allow living there. Neither school could be for current stability on the field.

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Funny thing about Florida though, their two best coaches in the past couple of decades only used them as a stepping stone (the Old Ball Coach and Urbs).

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I think these lists are loaded and biased based on which factors you take into account. Florida based on fertile recruiting grounds and facilities should be top 5, but they are a program that has only been elite since the mid 90's. It reminds me of the recent hype over the last 20 years for Florida vs. Florida State. Let's see in another 50 years if that game still is elite. Ohio State and Michigan has been a meeting of two storied programs that were championship caliber since the 1950's. Now moving forward the Southeast is considered the best recruiting area of the country and gives a big advantage to those schools. 

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I have no problem with Florida, but I would move down USC and Georgia. USC isn't the job it was 5-6 years ago. 

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My top 5 in some relative order would be TX, USC, OSU, Alabama, ND. Florida is way too high, I get that they have fertile recruiting ground, but its the schools that don't need that as the only rationale for drawing talent. TX is the Texas school and has the biggest athletic budget in the country. USC is in SoCal, gets all the West Coast talent it wants, and is a private institution so no one actually knows how much money they bring in. OSU and Alabama both have storied histories, crazed fan bases, and can draw talent from literally anywhere. ND was down for a little while, but still can draw talent from where it pleases, private, and has history to it. I also think that Florida gets way too much credit for OBC and UFM, which made Florida strong, not a program people cared for at all prior to that.

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With every poll you'll have disagreements.............These are just opinions posted on a major web page. Don't lose any sleep 

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So why wouldn't Georgia make this list? Warm weather, sec, talent Rich state, nice campus, etc.  I would rather coach there then at any of the Florida schools.  

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