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Spring Football and Student Tickets

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March 6, 2014 at 11:20am

First, does anyone know the spring football practice schedule?

Second, I am an incoming freshman. How do student tickets work? I've heard many different answers so I am a little confused. 


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On a slightly related note, I still have my old BuckID that is now roughly 4-5 years old to get in with student tickets I've bought second hand. I believe I've seen an updated version of the BuckID design. Are any current students able to confirm if I can still use my old BuckID with student tix or if anyone's heard of them cracking down on accepting the old ones? I plan on attending most games again this season and a lot of times the only tickets I can find available are students selling their tix.

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Spring practice isn't open to students. The spring game is April 12 however.

Second, don't worry about students tickets. You'll get an email in the summer explaining in detail how and when to buy tickets. You have four options:

  • B1G Games in Block O North (4) ~$150 (plus a free shirt and goodies or something like that)
  • All Games in Block O South (8) ~$300 (same deal as B1G games)
  • B1G Games in the student section (4) ~$135
  • All Games in the student section (8) ~$270

As an incoming freshmen, I'd recommend Block O South or one of the student section packages. Block O North sucks. If you have friends you know going to or currently attending OSU then you can get a student section package and you'll be able to make a group in order to sit with those people. 

Of course, you always have the option of getting a package and selling the tickets, which I did freshmen year. (B1G games in Block O North and made $200 PROFIT).

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Oh thank you. I just wanted to know the schedule so I can know when to expect updates.

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They haven't released 2014 student ticket info. Here is the 2013 student ticket guide.

Bottom line, don't miss your window to purchase tickets or you'll be shit out of luck.

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@DerryKing - Are you enrolling for fall? If I remember correctly they'll (the university) definitely give you instructions on what you'll need to do to order student tix for the upcoming season. When I was in school we bought a package of student tix for basically when fall quarter started (we were on quarters back then) and then they allowed you to additionally buy the August and September games (or in other words the non-conference games) individually. Now that OSU is on semesters I'm not completely positive anymore. 

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Derry, I too am also an incoming freshman so I appreciate you asked this question on tickets. I am attending the Newark branch my first year and they discussed this on my visit (yes I'm transferring to main sophomore year) and they said that an email is sent to every enrolled student and you get a time window based on your year so stay on top of your email in the summer.

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Awesome. Congrats and enrolling man!