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Ohio Stadium Virtual Venue

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March 5, 2014 at 10:50am

I found this today when paying my season ticket invoice; it's the Ohio Stadium "Virtual Venue" which gives a 3D view from any section.


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thats really cool and useful. I went to the main website and it wasn't listed on there so I'm assuming OSU had this made specifically for them rather than the company including it on their venue list. 

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Just paid my invoice as well.  One step closer to Football Saturdays!

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They're pretty generous with the upper deck.  I sat up there one year as a student and felt like I was going to fall off a cliff.

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It's a shame we'll never see virtual seat views. It would make buying b-deck tickets a lot easier. It would definitely make it harder to sell b-deck tickets. 

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I had tickets in 15AA my 5th year at OSU. They currently cost $655. Definitely didn't spend that much that year.

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You're forgetting that the listed $655 does not include the donation that needs to made for the privilege of purchasing tickets.

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Ah, good point. I was just going with the price of the ticket itself. For 8 games, that's nearly $82 per ticket per game. I think tickets were like $40+ back in '04. 

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This site is amazing. I love it. 

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I'm a student so I've never had to buy public tickets, but why is there not a price different between certain sections?

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That is one cool view..................... I have never seen views like this of Ohio Stadium