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What can buckeye fans expect from Dontre Wilson this season?

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February 25, 2014 at 11:39pm

I was wondering what you guys all thought we could expect from Dontre Wilson this season.  I expect him to be more involved a lot more involved and I expect his numbers to rise.  I expect somewhere between 1,000 total yards combined of rushing and receiving yards.  I expect him to have a great season for the buckeyes!

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A little bit of this....

Mixed in with a little

But ultimately I expect a whole bunch of.....


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I'd to see some of this....

And a lot more of this from the WR...

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I agree, usus. Dontre is likely to have a breakout season this year. For one, I expect him to lead the league in kick return yardage.

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I expect him to beat the shit out of the wolverines.

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This times one bazillion. A kick return for a TD and about 200 all purpose yards from scrimmage would be an awesome capper to the 2014 regular season. And I know we won't do it but the whole Buckeye kick return team surrounding the TSUN returner on one of their 8 kickoff returns after a OSU touchdown would be cool too.

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Eh, it was a horseshit tactic what TTUN pulled there, and while it did work (in the sense that two important Buckeye pieces were traded for a TTUN special teams nobody) I wouldn't want to see us repeat it. It was a desperate move from a desperate team. Totally agree about Wilson though, hope he remembers that bs all year and gets his vengeance by making them look silly taking one to the house.

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Wouldn't mind seeing him go off against Michigan State either - much like Teddy Ginn in '04 (run, catch, punt return for scores).

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I expect him first to add some good weight while keeping his speed & quickness. Then, I want him to embarrass TSUN any way he coud.

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I wonder if they'll try him at punt returned too?

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He displayed some video game-esque juke moves during those Buffalo/PSU games. Skys the limit.

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I definitely think he'll be more involved and get more touches. It seems a lot were upset he didn't get more touches last season. He did get his chance to shine more than any other freshman on the team and I believe he would have had more touches if he hadn't had trouble hanging onto the ball. I hope he utilizes this off season to hit the weight room and get more familiar with his playbook. I'm sure Coach Drayton will help him help him overcome his ball security issues. This young man has all the potential in the world.

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I expect him to remain a novelty piece. He seems like a replica of D'Anthony Thomas. He'll make his share of big plays, but I don't think he has a high ceiling for being an every down player. He's best suited as lightning in a bottle. He has tremendous value as a decoy if he is willing to play that role from time to time. 

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He'll be fired up for The Game this year due to the ambush last year.  I just hope we see more of a Ted Ginn Jr. performance than a David Boston response.

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We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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I am sure he will add some weight and muscle.  I think Urban is very high on him,and he will be a major asset in our offensive plans.

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I expect Dontre to be used pretty much the same way as last year. Having said that, more passes his way this season, and more plays to him overall, rather than him being the "best decoy in the nation". Can't wait to see him, now Ohio State's roster has like 5 Dontre's I feel like. Go Bucks!

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you'll see a more refined game from Dontre. I think he will be a little quicker, faster, and stronger given he has now had a year in the system/strength program. I'd like him to get more touches, and it'd be great for him to become a Ginn-type return threat. Although he showed glimpses this past year, I wasn't overly impressed with his return ability in respect to what the hype was. I think this year he starts to be that game breaker that he was built up to be.

Also of note: Curtis Samuel will get a chance to show us something and I think he will. 

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It has seemed to me lately a lot of people are moving on from Dontre, I think he'll be exceeding a lot of recently lowered expectations next year. The hype coming into this year was hard to live up to, but he'll blow up.

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 It will be exciting b/c the full playbook will be used this coming season—O-St will have a real full time Hybrid/Pivot.  Since we are losing Hyde and 4/5ths of the O-Line, I think that it will be more important to attack the perimeter w/ Wilson.  He will take over the punt return job also

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A few pounds so he can break more tackles and hit some home runs.

Push young players (Curtis Samuel) for playing time.

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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Dontre was very fast, but very predictable. At the beginning of the year, almost every time he was on the field they did a jet sweep with him to the outside. Because he was so fast, teams knew what was coming and they highly respected it. If he can become a polished route runner, and he can run between the tackles on occasion, I believe he can make big plays game in and game out.

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I hope he figures out the route running sooner rather than later. He would be so dangerous in the slot.

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Points, lots of them.

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I expect a lot from Dontre this a lot of jet sweeps and a lot of route running also.


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After hanging out with Mayweather: 

_ichigan better not try this BS again: 




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That tun play still really gets me upset.

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If Dontre is to be an every down player he must learn all aspects of the game. Yes, his speed and playmaking abilities are amazing, but you have to block for others...EZE got destroyed in a game (can't remember who though) because Dontre completely missed a block. That cannot happen anymore, ball security is a question at times, but I expect this to be fixed with coaching and adding muscle mass.

Overall I think we see kick returns, I'd imagine probably punts as well. He'll touch it 10-12 times a game, I'd like to see him run the flats and burn linebackers...I don't think they have the lateral quickness to close on him. Doubtful in between the tackles kinda guy, but on stretch type plays I believe he could excel with his speed,acceleration, and cutting ability.

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Heard that he's having some grade issues he needs to work out.

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Ditto. Hoping its an untrue rumor.

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Expect something like this.



Long live the southend.

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Whatever the expectations turn out to be... I assure you they will be "too high".

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I'd love to see him rip TTUN a new one.

They are coming back to our house this year and you know damn well that this will be the best team Urban has had yet against a very likely mediocre sun and blue.

Sure, throw the records out the window, but I think the Buckeyes are going to be on a mission this year.

They need a 2 to tie, a 3 to win it; Sylvester for threeeee... OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHH WITH FIVE POINT ONE TO GO!!!