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Combine Updates?

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February 21, 2014 at 7:30am

Just curious to hear how our guys have been doing at the combine.  Also, I live in the Indianapolis area (who is hosting the event) and any updates from these guys indicating what they are doing outside of the combine would be great.  I would love to meet a few of the guys and like to thank them for all of the hard work they put in as Buckeyes!

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Combine workout schedule

» Saturday, Feb. 22: Tight ends, offensive linemen, special teams
» Sunday, Feb. 23: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers
» Monday, Feb. 24: Defensive linemen, linebackers
» Tuesday, Feb. 25: Defensive backs

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Is it just measurements and check-ins today? Saw some QB measurements come across the twitter feed this morning for Manziel, Bortles and Bridgewater.

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Today is special teams drills, OL and TE bench press. Tomorrow they do the 40 and other such drills. Each position has a different schedule over the next few days.

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Hyde measured at 5'11 7/8, 230. 

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Jack Mewhort- 4.43 40, 4.01 shuttle, 39 inch vertical, 225 x47 he also pancaked Jadeveon Clowney 3 times in 3 1on1 reps should go Top 3 after that showing

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What you left out is one of his pancakes of Jadeveon was actually during Jack's 40 yard dash. Probably could've shaved another tenth of a second without doing that

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How did Jack Malone do?

Football is complicated...

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Beth Mowins says............


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Jack Mewhort- 4.43 40, 4.01 shuttle, 39 inch vertical, 225 x47 he also pancaked Jadeveon Clowney 3 times in 3 1on1 reps should go Top 3 after that showing

I was like "My God...no way he put up those numbers....Oh wait, sarcasm font."

Our Honor Defend!

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Corey Linsley 36 reps. Huge for him.


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I think if all 6 of the players from the Bucks have a good combine and good interviews they all could be drafted or at least be on a team going in to fall camp.

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Just really curious to see Roby's 40 time. Going to be quick.

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ESPN spent a half hour on Johnny Football while I was out eating yesterday.  I assume it's because he's the only SEC quarterback of the "top 3."

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Or maybe because the fact he is Johnny Manziel,One of the most famous college football players of all time.


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Yeah, but does he like One Direction?  I mean, the people want to know.

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I believe starting at 11am the second group of OL will be running the 40.  This group includes Linsley, Mewhort, and Lewan.  Also Jake Matthews and Greg Robinson will be in that group, they are considered among the top OL in the class.

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Lewan: 4.88u and 1.70 10yd

Mewhort: 5.31u (didn't see 10yd) 

I guess Linsley isn't running.


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Lewan: 4.85u and 1.64 10yd

Mewhort: 5.19u and 1.81 10yd

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Shazier weighed in at 237, which is exactly right around where I figured he'd be. I'm thinking a 4.47-4.52 40 time. 

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Buffalo OLB Khalil Mack on being schematically disrespected by Ohio State: 

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I really hope Shazier blows people away with a great 40 time.


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4.50u for Abbracadabra.  that is a great time if it translates to an official that is similar.

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4.37u for Philly Brown,  really nice for him!

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I knew he was fast, but man... that's fast!

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watch here if you'd like: http://www.nfl.com/combine/live?module=HP11_traffic_driver

4.44u on the second run for Philly.

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Quincy Enunwa pulled up in his second attempt.  I've watched a lot of track meets, it looked more like a cramp than a complete pull or tear given the way he pulled up, but regardless I hate to see guys who have worked this hard experience something like that in this type of setting.

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Corey Linsley did 36 reps on bench. Tied for the second most among the OL there. 

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Carlos just posted a 4.62.  Pulled up, too.

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Pulled a hamstring.

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Just confirmed he is out for the rest of the day.

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I love Hyde, but maybe you should run better than 4.6 if you're gonna talk about 4.4. Once that gets adjusted its likely to be over 4.7. Between the time and missing the rest of the drills, I'd say 1st round is out of the question. 

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Carlos pulled his hamstring while running and pulled up. He'll be in the 4.4's at pro day.

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Hard to run a 4.4 at 6'0" 230lb and a pulled hamstring. He'll get plenty of shots to redeem himself. I honestly don't see him making it out of the first round. Franchise running back IMO.

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Maybe you should learn to read before you make uninformed comments. He pulled his hamstring.

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Maybe you should watch before you make uninformed comments. He pulled his left hamstring as he lunged towards the 40-yd mark. It had nothing to do with the time he ran. 

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Looks like Shazier might not run tomorrow because of a hamstring issue. Damn, that'd be disappointing. I was really looking forward to watching him run.

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Man, I was really looking forward to seeing how fast he really is!

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Dri Archer, Kent State RB ran a 4.26 at combine, .02 off the record. Now that is damn fast!! Golden Flash!!


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Remember Jonathan Newsome?  Former Buckeye LB/DL...  I had forgotten all about him until I saw his name under DL invited to the combine.  Always hoped he would have been a solid "Viper" for the Bucks!

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Shazier with almost an 11 foot broad jump and a 42" vert? Geez. What a shame he didn't run the 40... he would have absolutely lit it up.

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Amazing how much ESPiN is knocking on OSU by touting Mack over and over, where I personally believe although he had a good game, he might not have if it weren't for our offensive lapses and missed assignments. Yes, he is a good player but Anyone know why anyone listens to Mike Mayock?  His opinions are "interesting".  

Also, whats with the "Promote Michael Sam Day" at the combine.  He looks stiff and awkward while working out and they keep trying to make out that he is worthy of a higher pick than 7th round at best.

Hyde should be first Buck to go in low first round along with Roby.  Hyde is the best RB in this draft class.  Shame Hyde had less than stellar 40 time ( hammy, and I think they mean less and less than adaptability and conditioning), but I think that will be ignored based on their potential, although Roby will need to work on his weaknesses if he wants to start in his first year.  Mewhort is easily one of the better prospects.  I believe work ethic is underrated and he has plenty to make any team want him.  Shazier's broad and vertical were awesome, and his strength and overall adaptability place him easily in the second.

Im really not surprised that the Bucks might be waiting for Pro day at OSU.  I think they only went to the combine to talk to the coaches and allow for the interaction with various staffs.

Go Bucks!

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Roby with a 4.4 forty

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Roby with a nice time good for him


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Roby had a 4.39 official. He's probably the only person I've seen have it lowered from his unofficial.