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Comment 04 Jan 2016

I'm interested in being in the league!

Comment 31 Dec 2015

Update: I decided to crack it at the beginning of the Clemson-Oklahoma game.  Literally was one of the nastiest things I've ever tasted, and now my face is red as a fire hydrant.  Im sweating profusely and have an unnecessary urge to listen to Justin Bieber.  DO NOT repeat my mistake fellow 11w'er's.

Comment 29 Dec 2015

Oh I'm well aware.  I was a senior at UD in 2010 and Four Loko's were my primary pre-game drink of choice.  They might have taken the caffiene out, but they still taste downright awful.  The first couple sips of those things were nasty, but they were cheap and got the job done.  Ahhhhh college :)

Comment 03 Dec 2015

My wife and I were contemplating doing this as our attic is currently insulated with hay (the house is 75 years old).  One thing we could never agree on in which side the paper goes on when using the rolls of batting.  We were planning on doing two layers to get the attic to an R-60 level.  I'm thinking the right answer is paper side down on the first layer (closest to the ceiling), paper side up on the second layer (closest to the roof).  Can anybody confirm this is the way to do it so that I wont be trapping moisture coming up through the house? 

Comment 02 Dec 2015

I bought a PS4 for the MLB: The Show series.  If you like NCAA games, this might be a way to fill that void somewhat.  They have a mode where your player starts in the minors and has to make your way up into the pro's (similar to the create a heisman mode in previous NCAA games).  One of the best parts of this mode is that you only have to play when your player is involved.  This significantly speeds up the games/seasons.  

That being said, "The Show" is still in the wrapper because I started Fallout 4, and it will be a few months before I'm done with that game.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

I will upvote and second this statement.  You can easily burn 3+ hours at a time with this game.  In fact, I know I have spent an hour just modifying my weapons and spent multiple hours just walking the map looking for things.  I am amazed at how entertaining this game is.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

I don't know who is to blame here, the kid or whoever made that hideous bandana, but the fact that they couldn't get the M's right side up is annoying and hilarious at the same time!

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Actually, it sounds to me like what you said is a rumor.  It is a fact that he needed multiple surgeries on his wrist. The reason why he needed them was never released to my knowledge.  So who's the one spreading rumors?

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Nickles Italiano white bread, JIF Creamy peanut butter, Scmucker's grape jelly.  Boom.  Best PBJ you can make.  No questions asked.