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Way too early 2014 Defensive MVP

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February 19, 2014 at 8:09pm

There are many unanswered questions concerning next year's defense.  Talent is abundant however young and inexperienced at many positions.  Who is the one defensive player that we can't afford to lose if this defense is to turn the corner and compete for a championship?

I'll start things out with Mr. Vonn Bell.   I believe he will have a huge year and is the key to defense.  He has big play potential and will have to assist in run support with our young linebackers.  I hope he takes a leadership role early on.

Speaking of leadership, Urban always talks about those who rise up and become the leaders on the Team.  Defensively we need those players to step out of the shadows regardless of their years on the team.  Sophmores and Freshmen will need to be heard from.

I'm excited about this years defense and the new coaches in their new roles.  How well we play remains to be seen.

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nrbuckguy's picture

I think Mike Bennett is going to show up as a leader for this defense with both his play on the field and as a vocal leader.  He seems like a guy that I would love take cues from as a player and I believe he ends up as a 1st rounder in next season's draft.

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buckguyfan1's picture

We need Big Mike to be one of those leaders for sure.

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I'm picking Joey Bosa for my MVP.  He was a beast last year as a freshman.  Imagine what he will be like after another year in the weight room to get bigger faster and stronger.  The thing is his numbers might not be as impressive or continue to rise as he gets better because teams will be forced to double team him.  Many times a great player is the one who can occupy multiple blockers while another player comes in to make the tackle.

So that's my choice for Defensive MVP!  Go Bucks!!

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I think a prime example of what you state is Clowney. While I think he started to put less effort in the past year, in his sophomore season he demanded double teams and while his stats were lack luster, he causes havoc regardless of what he does.

If I'm a team and I double up on Joey, and assume Michael Bennett eats up the block in the middle, then I leave 2 of the following in 1 on 1 unless they bring a TE or RB. Noah Spence, Jamal Marcus, Joe Hale, Tommy Schutt.


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Joey Bosa, plain and simple the dude impacts the game more than anyone else we have on D next year.

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Bosa because of the impact that he has on a game however we are fairly loaded on the D-Line so him missing time would hurt but "next man up" applies.

The guy I am going to go with is Tyvis Powell. He brings experience to the DBs along with Doran Grant. Both of these guys are going to be critical to the buckeyes success in 2014.

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Just want and hope that there is a diamond ready to shine bright in guys like Conley, Apple, Burrows, Thompson, etc.  Not to mention the talented incoming freshmen.

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It really sucks with what happened with Mitchell. He could have been *The* best that's ever played that position at Ohio State. 

But I bet Curtis Grant finally proves himself next year.



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Von Bell, Ron Tanner, Tyvis Powell..... one of those 3 will be making some plays next year.  Devan Bogard is a possibility as well.  We just need to hope we don't have as many injuries next year as we had this past year.  We had to many injuries and then it was too late in the season to burn a guys redshirt

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Bosa will definitely be the best player on next year's defense so I'll go with him.

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I am going to say the DL.  I do not think anyone of them are going to have numbers that pop out compared to each other but as a unit they are going to do things that are legend what for it because the next word is dairy, legendary.  One will have a great game, so the next week he is doubled and someone else controls the game.

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Colerain 2004 G.O.A.T.'s picture

Jose El Bosa

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I was hoping our defensive MVP this year would be the athletic director of the MAC school giving Fickell his first head coaching job..... but, alas, I guess we'll have to rely on the players.  #FireFickell

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m5987usus's picture

Noah Spence, he will come back from suspension hungry and humble, he will dominate


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buckguyfan1's picture

I was wondering when the 1st linebacker would be mentioned.  Need Perry to have a big year.  He looks the part.

NorthwestOhioBuck's picture

Doran Grant, underrated this year in my opinion and if we want to make a championship run he will NEED to be elite and I think he will.

In Urban we trust. That is all

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gonzogrover's picture

If he can learn to locate the ball while in coverage, then he can be elite. Too often last year failed to locate the ball and got called for pass interference or wasn't able to adjust along with the receiver to make a play.

Mortc15's picture

Bosa is going to put in the work and become unblockable. I think the LB and CB breakout players will be talked about more because of the recent lack of production but I think Bosa is going to be the best player on the deepest unit on the team.


Run_Fido_Run's picture

Aside from the obvious (and good) choices most often mentioned above, other possibilities include:

J. Marcus: reminds me a bit of Khalil Mack . . . as long as Marcus - a 'tweener "hybrid" player - fits within the Fickell/Ash system, he will make plays.

Cam Burrows: This guy is supposedly not even a natural CB and yet he made plays from that position against pass happy Indiana. He jumped out to me as a playmaker and a physical presence.

A. Washington: he's been working through lingering injuries, but he still has great physical package. If he stays healthy and turns the proverbial corner, he could be a monster.

Trey Johnson?

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Ahh Saturday's picture

The DL will have had a disappointing '14 season if the defensive MVP comes from any position group other than the DL.  It's the unit with the most experience and the most talent.  The most likely candidates are Bennett and Bosa, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Washington bounce back from an injury-hampered sophomore year and blow up this season.  Spence should have a big year as well, but the suspension could hurt him a little. 

Hovenaut's picture

Hard to go against any of the fellas up front, but I think it has to be someone from the back seven - linebacker or secondary - coinciding with the needed improvement there.

Still hoping Curtis Grant steps it up.

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Ahh Saturday's picture

To put it another way, for Curtis Grant --or anyone from the back seven-- to win MVP next season would require not just a spectacular, and implausible, rise in performance on their part, but also a troubling stagnation from the players along the front four. That is the strength of the D, and if our MVP doesn't come from that unit, something has gone very wrong.

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I actually thought along the lines (defensively anyway) that the front four would perform well as a collective. That's not to say I'm not looking for another strong year for Bosa, Spence, Bennett or anyone else there, but just hoping to see a linebacker (I already miss RDS) or defensive back just step up and hopefully take it to the next level.

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HattanBuck85's picture

Mike Bennett. If he is healthy, he is going to be unstoppable.

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