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Comment 10 hours ago

Me too BSquirrel.  All that looked wonderfully similar.  Not the same any more.

Comment 13 hours ago

Fair enough, we'll see on the field.

Comment 21 hours ago

It sucks not being able to UV you any more..  

edit: Is he wearing roller skates in that gif?  wtf

Comment 24 hours ago

Sure am happy TH didn't land in Illinois.  That place has some bad mojo.  

DJ, I'm sure Tim will be fine on Sundays but this is 1 step closer to you being a heathen.

Comment 30 Aug 2015

 I think Zeke will/has a plan to pay them back in a year or so. :)

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Tell her you love her everyday even when she pisses you off.  And she will.  Married 23 years to a wonderful women, and yes we still piss each other off from time to time.  Good luck and God bless to you both!