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February 7, 2014 at 5:03pm

Anyone with videos from the speeches and or pictures and updates please add on as you see fit........


Anyone with updates????? video, pics, etc....

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I was there today as a vendor and just got back to my hotel.  Not able to get into the main room or the breakout rooms.  It's a who's who of B1G coaches though!  Met Tim Beckman, Pat Fitzgerald and Mark Dantonio last night.  Everyone I talked to said Dantonio is fantastic.  Met Hazel and Hoke this morning.  Urban kicked off the day (didn't meet but saw him in the hallway...MUCH bigger than I would have thought actually!).  LOTS of assistants there as well..Luke, Combs, Ed Wariner.  Also saw Bolman.  He was talking with a friend in front of our booth for an hour!  I have to resave some of my pics because they're to large for here.

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Thanks get them posted when you can....I was going to go but couldn't take off for it

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I have a good friend there and will most likely talk to him on Monday. Did say if coach Johnson asked him to run through a wall right now he would!!!! Guess coach Johnson spoke on "creating your own brand".

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