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Comment 3 hours ago

The TCU vs Minnesota and Wisky vs Bama will be the 2 out of the gate that will spin the narrative for the year again.  It's how ESecPN makes their money and it will inevitably lead all of OSU fandom to hate the mothership network yet again.

Comment 4 hours ago

Penn St., TTUN and TTUN St. are our 3 hardest games again this year.  Va. Tech is a toss up.  I have a feeling we will lay a beat down on them but it is probably the toughest road game.

Comment 4 hours ago

DT is the big ?????  Also 2nd string oline if multiple oline starters are hurt.  Warriner would coach up the guys well but I'm not sure there wouldn't be growing pains just like last year.

Comment 4 hours ago

Is the 1st 4 seasons at Ohio State or his 1st school? If it is Ohio State he is 2-1 in bowl games.  Even though we like to forget about the Clemson loss it still happened.

Comment 4 hours ago

+1 Exactly! I remember a quote from some article I can't find it linked ne more about the lineman that Ohio State put into the NFL when we had "the walrus" coaching them.  It was something like, "the guys that have come out of Ohio State from the offensive line have great body types for nfl wear and tear.  However, the lack of fundamentals they were taught had to be coached out of them before they were able to have nfl success."

It is certainly not the case with Mr. Slobguru himself Ed Warriner.  He is putting dudes in the league that have instant rookie impact on teams. 

Comment 5 hours ago

I think he just was wearing some really nice scarlet tinted glasses when typing it lol.

Comment 5 hours ago

We only got to hoist this nice lookin' silver football for winning by 59.

However it was the reason we were able to capture the Golden Vagina.

Comment 5 hours ago

never thought of it that way Buckvstheworld. +1  I am under my personal opinion that I would hate for Bo Ryan or Sean Miller to get a ncaa title before Thad gets one for OSU.  Therefore I am all on board for any other team minus those 2.  Add Kentucky to the list as well.  So any team but Kentucky, Wisconsin and Arizona and I'm all good. 

Comment 18 hours ago

The infamous double post lol.  You just wanted double the helmet stickers you slimey guy you lol jk.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

That was definitely "Silver Bullet" defense that we saw the last 3 games of the year last year.  They need to keep that up to be on the level.  Can't have a drop off back to the previous years defense.  They really were good at tackling and getting teams out of rhythm and in 3 and difficult situations and then making the play to get off the field.  Getting off the field on 3rd down and making momentum changing plays when the opponent is driving is what makes a silver bullet defense.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

no but they do only charge the price of 1 coke to get 2 tickets to games lol