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Comment 9 minutes ago

they really could financially go out on their own and go independent like Notre Dame.  would be able to schedule better competition. idk how it would work out though...id like to see them in the ACC maybe idk or SEC east

Comment 41 minutes ago

it was really evident being in attendance how focused they were...they were loose and laughing around pregame but it was more of a subtle we got this swag.  then when they came out of the tunnel the focus was bang intense and they just hit Wisconsin with a 1000lb hammer and never let them get out of the locker room...

Comment 50 minutes ago

love all of the stuff you put together Remy thank you so much it is awesome to get this type of statistical analysis and history lessons all in one place!!! here's to hoping we get one more of these this year (championship game)

Comment 56 minutes ago

the one thing that the coaches seemed to have struggled with defensively is when an opposing offense comes out and breaks tendencies.  Wisconsin played right to there tendencies and we saw how that went...hopefully they adjust better and quicker to what Saban and Kiffin cooked up during the off time

Comment 59 minutes ago

wasn't just the 10 yd cushion it was the fact that even when it was evident they were throwing the screen wide our db's and outside lb (perry) were to slow to get out there and the other receiver just had to get one block and bang it was 10yds or more for watkins

Comment 3 hours ago

in the B1G Championship game the dline was going 4-6 A to B every play they were on the field...the defense as a whole was...if they can keep that up and be sound in responsibilities they will own the line of scrimmage battle and make it very difficult for Sims bc that would mean they were controlling the running game again and were ready for the passes.  Can't take any plays off, if a guy is worn down the staff has to try and get him off the field for a couple plays even if it means we might give up a first down or 2

Comment 3 hours ago

gift cards/gas cards galore, a golf club, osu golf polos, a certificate that if osu makes the championship we are for sure going again like in 2002...

Comment 24 Dec 2014

marotti said he is one of the strongest guys he has had in his strength program in a long time as well

Comment 24 Dec 2014

the one reason they haven't been able to do it is bc of how smart Jacoby is at center...he calls the protections and you can clearly see he is in control at the LOS...is tough to replace that when you can scheme around his smaller frame and use him to pull and double block alot

Comment 24 Dec 2014

yea it really was a "controlled rush"  during the wisconsin game...you clearly saw guys recognizing screens when wisky tried to run them and they seems like they were reading from the opponents playbooks...they really "built a wall" as fickell commented they needed too and then the unblocked guy made the stop. 

Comment 24 Dec 2014

Just like Cardale's first TD against Wisconsin, was that really a great pass?  It was a good pass, but it was one hell of a play by Devin Smith to go over the defender and catch the ball.

He more or less boxed the defender out...he didn't go over him to catch that first TD...but yea your point is very valid about how many more weapons we have this year....it is a combination of them getting better and the move to JT and Cardale who get the ball out of their hands and don't over hold onto the ball trying to make plays with their legs...the timing seems a little better but who knows Braxton might have worked on that in the offseason and we just never got to see it bc he got injured again.

Comment 23 Dec 2014

It is almost hilarious sitting in the attendance with my dad betting on what stupid thing Amir will do next to look completely foolish...I came away after tonight 60 bucks richer by the end of the game....just a sad excuse of a 6'11" body...

Comment 23 Dec 2014

I second that comment shangheyed...It is almost hilarious sitting in the attendance with my dad betting on what stupid thing Amir will do next to look completely foolish...I came away after tonight 60 bucks richer by the end of the game....just a sad excuse of a 6'11" body...

Comment 20 Dec 2014

or the fact that he interferes with Bob.  should've been called goaltender interference to begin with....but no Toronto hates the Jackets...

Comment 19 Dec 2014

working on the premise that whenever I pick I normally get it wrong so hopefully it works out for the bucks cuz I want them to win but trying to keep the mojo going.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I got Rutgers over UNC, Penn St. over BC, Michigan St over Baylor, Wisconsin over Auburn, Illinois over LA Tech, and Iowa over Tennessee...so I see it being 6-4