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247 Updated 2015 Basketball Rankings

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August 12, 2014 at 5:35pm


Giddens down from #20 to #34.

Grandstaff down from #38 to #54.

Mitchell down from #70 to #73.

A.J. Harris down from top 100 to #124.


Ahmad up from #67 to #66.

Bragg down from top 10 to #15,

Moore down from #47 to #49.

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If they committed to SEC schools they'd be going up...

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247 basketball is trash

stark county football

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So basketball is copying football: become an OSU recruit, immediately be dropped many spots in the rankings. Ah well, the world keeps on turning. 


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Giddens is ranked at #44 in the 247 composite rankings, Grandstaff at #35, Mitchell at #70, and Harris at #75.

Ahmad is ranked at #56 in the 247 composite rankings, Bragg at #10, and Moore at #36.

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Wow all of these guys are ranked higher in the composite. 

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I honestly think Mickey Mitchell is top 20.

Buckeye fan from PA

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He was a 5 star before his injury caused him to miss his entire season last year.

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Kids who are already committed aren't generating traffic ($$$).  They've got to hype up and focus on selling the kids who are left...

It's even more insane towards signing day...they act like those are the very best players anyone could possibly sign.  When in fact, some of the best players didn't care about drama or attention and already committed over a year ago.

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Regardless if they dropped, this is a GREAT recruiting haul for Thad!!!

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The biggest reason Giddens dropped is probably because he "only" average 6 or 7 points in AAU ball. Giddens is a bit raw offensively but he played on the same AAU team as Ben Simmons so scoring was not his main priority. I like Giddens. He seems to be more of an old fashioned 5 and still has time and room to improve his game. The best thing about Giddens? He's not soft.

I absolutely love Mickey Mitchell's game. Mitchell is a point-foward whose vision and passing ability will make everyone around him better. High energy guy with a great motor. He needs to work on his shooting, but he's young and has time.

Harris will probably never be a "highly" ranked recruit due to his size. He has amazing quickness, long arms, and is a natural ball handler. He's more of a "New York" style point guard in the mold of Lionel Chalmers. Love me some New York Point Guards. I think he's a great fit. Thad can push or play half court with this guy.

I haven't familiarized myself with Grandstaff. I do see he has a great outside shot. Don't really know much else about him.

I like this class so far and think the sum will be better than the parts. How exciting will it be to see Mitchell grab a rebound and immediately start the break? To see Giddens, Thompson, and Bell MAN the post. etc. etc.

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