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Will D'Angelo Russell be a "1 & doner"?

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August 4, 2014 at 2:30pm

With the hype that comes with him and if Matta turns him loose, what are the odds?

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I don't think he has the athleticism to go lottery. He'll have to put up serious numbers. I see him as a second rounder right now.

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Well let's check the 2015 Mock Drafts!


3 Bucks, all seniors. Wow, that's actually pretty surprising! I'm glad I looked this up.


0 Bucks, boo, nbadraft.net is better.

I'd say he's a lock to stay unless he chooses to go to Europe, I don't know enough about his game/personal life

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the correct answer is, "I hope so." Because that is only happening if he goes completely apeshit all year, and that will be excellent for our season.

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sounds good to me been awhile since we have a had a one and doner. Q was supposed be a one & doner but had transcript issues.


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I don't think there is a very good chance of Russell being one-and-done, in my opinion.  In college, we see a 6'4 shooting guard as the perfect height, body structure, etc. for the position.  He's a shooter who can handle the ball a little, but should primarily be a scorer.

In the NBA, 6'4 means you are slight for the 2-guard, and likely a combo-guard needing to have some elite PG abilities to be a high/lottery pick.  Russell may have those qualities in time (or even now), but he won't get much of a chance to showcase those skills as a freshman with Shannon Scott on the roster.  I feel like two seasons is his minimum stay at OSU.

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I agree, but that would be a lot of turnover at guard.  I'm hoping we get like 12-15 a game this year and then a Turner-esque jump to 19/20 playing with the class of '15.

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Well according to the latest preseason top 25 from ESPN he won't even be playing for a top 25 team, that could hurt his chances at being a one-and-done.

It's not sarcasm about not being in their top 25 though...ESPN sucks

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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My guess is 2 years. I agree with OldColumbusTown. Russell will either have to be a dominant scoring guard and/or play more of the point than we expect. I also wonder how the CBA coming up in 2015 will effect any player who's a borderline lottery pick. A lot has to go right for Russell to be in that conversation.

What I'd like to see from Russell:

Be a consistent and productive double-digit scorer (11, 12, 13 a game).

Provide an outside threat.

Handle back-up point duties for a few minutes each half.

Improve his defense.

I think that's a lot to ask of a Freshman before we even get into leading scorer, lottery, etc.

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He would have to explode and show he can be a primary ball handler and point scorer. He would also have to show an ability to be a lock down defender on a couple different positions. We would also probably at minimum have to make the final four and him be on fire. Not impossible and with guys going the overseas route who knows any more. Who here  thought Amedeo Della Valla was a 1  and done?

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Della Valle played two seasons

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Opps..Well who honestly thought he was a 2 and gone? =) Did he redshirt  that first year?

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I think Russell will be here for 2 years. He will show he can play PG during his sophomore year and be drafted in the first round.

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Matta said Russell will be his back up PG this year. When Scott needs a blow or if he gets in foul trouble, Russell will move over to PG. Many say he has a heck of handle right now and his best position in the NBA.could be at PG.

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I know he will play some Point Guard this year but I think in his second year he will be primarily a point guard and show he can play that position in the NBA. I think this year he will be mainly a shooting guard.

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He hasn't even played a game yet.  Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Go Bucks!

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Or the cart BEFORE the horse

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I think there is a chance just wait till you see this kid play.

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Buckeye fan from PA

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