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Comment 12 hours ago

Why would Beilein be such an A-hole about a player who only played in 1/3 of U of M games this past season and averaged less than 2.0 ppg??

Comment 18 hours ago

DO NOT put down 11Warriors. They gave me that name with that spelling, temporarily when I signed up. I thought it was different so I kept it.

Comment 03 May 2016

Both 6-6 260, ideal size.CHECK. Both are very good blockers CHECK. Both have good hands and can catch the ball. They don't have to catch 50 passes for NFL scouts to see that. CHECK. Both are intelligent on the field and off the field. CHECK  

How many Tight Ends get drafted in the 1st round? It is good to be drafted in the 3rd round if you're a TE. Ohio State will have another TE drafted in the 3rd round next year. How many College programs can say that? Ohio State = Tight End U. Regardless of how many passes they catch.

Comment 30 Apr 2016

Seriously, I doubt they think more highly of Perry in Wisconsin.

Perry's best shot at eventually being an every down starter of significance in the NFL is a DE in a 4-3. The Browns already drafted 2.

Comment 29 Apr 2016

AND 5% of the top goes to your agent. Then, 35% goes to the Federal Government. 5-9% State taxes, 2-5% Local taxes. Before you spend a penny on yourself the $435,000 is down to around $240,000. Better not try to live the life of an infamous pro athlete on that. As MANY mistakenly do. .

Comment 26 Apr 2016

The non-athletes find out about these classes from friends who are athletes. That's how I found out. The non-athletes must sign up the moment the classes are open. All athlete's got in these classes before the general student population. For example a Health class that most athletes took. An 8:00 class. Three requirements: Never miss a class(coaches want their athlete's up early) Participate in class discussions.(can't sleep in class). Make an appointment with the prof to tell him what grade you wanted and why. Test scores didn't matter.