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Comment 9 hours ago

Where did Smith say anything about treating football players like "paid professionals"???

All he said is that he no longer calls them amateurs. There is not a term for what they are now or will become after the court's final decision. Which Gene Smith has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with. If the court rules that college athletes own the rights to their name and likeness, not the University. Then Gene Smith and other AD's MUST do as the courts say and come up with ways to help his athletes take advantage of the judges ruling. 

Comment 10 hours ago

If Baker doesn't redshirt he may never start a game in his career, playing behind Hilliard. Could he play safety? He's 6-2 205 and it's said his frame is "maxed out".   

Comment 10 hours ago

If Baker doesn't redshirt he may never start a game in his career playing behind Hillard. Could he play safety?

Comment 20 May 2015

Rottweiler, you have not been paying attention to what has happened since Urban has come to Ohio State.

You think the player's attitude that was pervasive after a 6-7 season was a good thing for Urban when he arrived at Ohio State?

You think going 12-0  and not going to a bowl game was a good thing for Urban??

You think the Carlos Hyde and Bradley Robey simultaneous fiascoes ending in suspension for the 2 star starters were good for Urban???

Losing a close game to MSU and missing out on a possible BCS Title game was a good thing for Urban????

You think losing 1st Team All Big Ten Noah Spence before the season was a good thing for Urban????? You think losing Braxton a week before the season was a good thing for Urban?????? You think an embarrassing loss to VaTech at home was a good thing for Urban??????? You think losing starter Dontre Wilson to Injury was a good thing for Urban???????? You think losing Heisman candidate JT Barrett in the U of M game was a good thing for Urban?????????  ALL IN ONE SEASON!


Comment 16 May 2015

The worst non-post player shooter in Matta's history. Some never become average shooters. There have been several at Ohio State of late. Craft, Thompson. and Scott. Do you think they worked hard on their shooting? I doubt he'll even get to their average level.. 

Comment 14 May 2015

If Cardale doesn't win the QB derby it will be due to his seeking the spot light. If it is close he can't win it with this act. Think what Urban wants to see first and foremost from his QB, 

Comment 14 May 2015

You are a neophyte in sport if you don't know what  "act like you've been there before" means. All head coaches of athletes want them to be disciplined in that sense.

Comment 13 May 2015

Most people have this guy in their starting lineup at shooting guard or small forward. HOW?  Free throw % of .520, 3-point % of .158, less than 0.5 assists per game. A black hole. 

Comment 11 May 2015

i liked Cadale A LOT better when only a few of us knew who he was. He has completely changed since becoming a national figure. Unlike Braxton and JT, who acted/act like they've been there before. .   

Comment 07 May 2015

ONLY athletes go to this school....more than just athletes go to Catholic schools. ONLY top tier athletes from around the entire country go to this school. It was created by IMG to get an inside head start on representing the top athletes in all sports.

I checked again,,,,I was a little light. It costs over $60,000/year.