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Comment 11 hours ago

The entire team knew during spring practice.  Plans were begun then to play against VaTech without them. At the Big Ten Meeting Perry was asked how he felt about the suspensions. He is also a very honest young man. He said he was very disappointed.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

I pray for nothing more for Braxton than an injury free season, Braxton will take care of the rest.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

JT won the first QB competition against Cardale. When Braxton went down 2 weeks before the Navy game last year. Cardale was #2 and JT was #3. Cardale became #1 and JT #2. In ONE WEEK JT took the job from Cardale. JT has to be one of the most driven, most competitive players I have seen. He saw an opportunity and he GRABBED it, right out of Cardale's hands.

 Did you know this about JT? Urban has leadership classes, which are put on by a nationally known firm from Columbus. The classes are for all Seniors and some Juniors. Preparing them to be Captains and leaders within their position groups. When JT got here from Texas as a freshman he was rehabbing a serious knee operation and red shirted his Freshman year, When he heard about the leadership classes, he asked if he could sit in the back of the room and take notes. They let him. The only player ever to ask to attend that was not invited by Urban and his staff. At that point he had ZERO idea he would be the starting QB the following year. He just had this unquenchable thirst for knowledge that would make a difference when his time came.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I'm going to upset people. but I'm thinking dynasty, or the closest thing to it that today's college football will allow. I'm thinking about replacing Alabama as the program all coaches will recruit and build to beat, As Urban knew he had to do to Alabama when he came to Ohio State AND it happened one year before even Urban thought possible, overcoming devastating occurrances. Ohio State is already hated, but prepare yourself to be the most hated program in college football history.

One of the first things Urban said when he came to Ohio State and I had never thought of, is that the QB position is by far THE most important position in ALL team sports. You see what happens to above average programs when they get a good one and what happens to great programs when they don't have one. I look at the QBs on Ohio State's roster and the ones who are committed, Urban has created a stable of very talented QB's. That and continued Top 5 recruiting classes at a minimum, coupled with great coaching. There is no reason to think good/great, instead of the D word.  

What could be the most difficult aspect of maintaining, is keeping and/or replacing great coaches who you can't stop from chasing their coaching dreams, 

People will say don't talk about stuff like that. I'm typing, and thinking as those who have a good eye for such things are also thinking.