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Comment 27 Jul 2016

You haven't been paying attention. 3 guys WILL NOT be calling the plays. URBAN says, Warriner will be telling him what he sees up high, suggest a play, Urban will give that play to the guys that signal in the plays from the sideline OR give them another play to signal in based on the info Warriner has been giving him. Beck and Warriner sit beside each other in the press box and discuss offensive ideas. 

ALSO, you forget one small detail. The continual QB quandary that left a cloud hanging over the offense until AFTER the MSU game. 

ALSO, Zeke was in the hospital the week of the MSU game. Even though he wanted more touches, the coaches were not as confident he could handle too many carries. Thus he was a a decoy on most plays.

With a short, bad memory, best to move on. 

Comment 23 Jul 2016

Some positions groups in a recruiting class are larger than expected due to:

1) Misses in previous classes. 2) A lot of high 4 star and 5 star players in a position group in a class. 2) A lot of really good Ohio kids in a position group in a class. 3) Looking into the future and not seeing the same quality. 4) Some play multiple positions and could end up in another position room. 5) Sometimes you have to go after a player just to keep your Rival from getting him. 

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Tell that to Urban and the NFL girlie. They obviously thought he was. 

An engineer did a study of Zeke's running as well as other football players over the years. He said Zeke had the ability to plant his foot and cut faster and more explosively than anyone he's studied. Zeke also had the ability to be at top speed faster than anyone he's seen after that plant and cut. Read, due the research and become learned. 

Comment 19 Jul 2016

OBVIOUSLY not. I'm sure he's bigger now than he was as a Freshman when he gained almost 400 yards with over a 6.5 yard average/carry. They could easily put at least a quick 10 pounds on him to help play RB. He played RB all 4 years in HS. He is new at being a WR. He would be my #2 behind Webb at least until Williams proves he's ready. Ohio State has PLENTY of receivers. It DOES NOT matter where his best fit will be in the NFL. He is at Ohio State now and WILL do what is best for the TEAM. IMO, I thought he would make a better #2 than Dunn, a change of pace from Weber.

Braxton was a MUCH better college QB, even though his best fit in the NFL is WR.