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Comment 21 hours ago

I thought football players at Northwestern would be above average when it cam to an IQ. IF, as the court ruled, they are employees not students. Do they have any idea how much money they will owe in TAXES on that $100,000 annual "salary" they "earn" every year??? 

Comment 21 hours ago

I do not care what Ginn Jr. ran a 40 in. NO ONE I mean N-O O-N-E could stay with him, let alone catch him, on the football field in his 3 years at Ohio State. It would look like someone had an angle on him, but it was never close.

Comment 16 Apr 2014

Some know it is far better for job opportunities to graduate from Ohio State and have your job application say 4 year member of Ohio State football team. What are the odds that a player is more apt to get drafted if starting for Ohio State as a Senior or Starting for Kentucky 2 years?

Comment 16 Apr 2014

The days of waiting your turn are over. For many if they aren't a starter by their Sophomore year, they run to the next chance to play. They figure they won't get drafted if they aren't playing.....silly of them to think they will good enough to play in the NFL if they aren't starting for Ohio State.

Comment 14 Apr 2014

What if he had not have been red shirted and played on special teams at least? 

The Mitchel's live in Plano Texas a suburb of Dallas. SMU in Dallas would be about 6 hours closer to Dad than Texas Tech In Lubbock. 

Brother Micky who committed to Ohio State's basketball program a year ago is still committed and as far as I can see has not mentioned playing basketball at a school close to his sick father.

Comment 13 Apr 2014

Different claps.. There are fake claps to get a flinch from the defense to detect what they will being doing. There are claps that start plays. There are claps to start motion. There are claps to shift a back in the backfield. There are claps to tell the Center that everything is ready for him to start a verbal snap count.

Comment 08 Apr 2014

It does not matter that  "we" want Turner. What DOES matter with Taylor and the other top 20 players in every class is does Duke, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky and Louisville want them. If they do Matta/Ohio State doesn't stand a chance.

Comment 01 Apr 2014

You think it is difficult for the QB to make these reads? It's almost impossible for an official to be better than the QB at making MANY more "reads" on a single play. He's "reading"  illegal motion, offside, holding, illegal use of the hands by a D-lineman, chop-block, clipping, personal foul AND an O-lineman down field more than 3 yards on a pass play.... that looks like a running play since all of the O-linemen are blocking like it's a running play, not a pass. AND it WAS going to be a running play, EXCEPT a slit second before releasing the ball to the TB, the QB pulls it out and throws a rocket 5-yards down field. 

Can't be done, unless the official has been asked by the opponent's coaches to please look for a lineman down field more than 3 yards on a pass play......uh.....that looks like a running play. 

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Matta did  not "miss" on any of those players, Sullinger wanted Craft, not burke to be his PG. Jackson wasn't going to sit behind Craft and Scott AND no good recruiter takes 3 PGs in 2 years. LeVert? He was only  2nd team All-Ohio when he was a Senior, He was a 3 Star and 2 Star. He was all of 6-4 175. He had committed to Ohio U. when Groce was head coach. Groce went to Illinois and didn't think LeVert was good enough for Illinois.Payne DID NOT want to play for Ohio State and sit behind Sullinger. If Sullinger didn't go to Ohio State THEN and ONLY then was Payne going to Ohio State.