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Aaron Craft to play for 76ers then Golden State

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June 27, 2014 at 4:08pm

Lance Young (Craft's agent) was on 97.1 and said that Craft will play in the Orlando Summer League 07/05-11/2014 with the 76ers and then play for Golden State Warriors in the Vegas League which is held 07/11-21/2014. 

Good luck to Aaron on making a squad

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I'm hoping to watch at least one of his summer league games to see how he does against other top talent. For sure could see one of those teams sign him, especially if he works on shooting

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Ups to you KB for the post and that's true - Aaron - time to go to the next level. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!

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Two teams at two different ends of the spectrum that hopefully give AC a good chance at catching on.  The Sixers are terrible and need players who can make a difference.  The Warriors could be going for championship pieces (trading some assets and getting rid of some salary to take on Kevin Love), which could leave them with a few roster spots open and only the league minimum to offer.

Good luck to Aaron - hopefully he makes a great impression on the court and somebody gives this kid his chance!

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Might help that Kerr saw him play when announcing the OSU/Dayton game

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Emiid, Noel and Craft on the floor.  Games would be like 32 to 36

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They would need Embiid and Noel healthy first to be on the floor.