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Comment 6 hours ago

I wouldn't say he is on the hot seat yet but there has to be blame on someone for not winning when it really matters. Last bowl win was the 2012 season(granted it was the NCG but it was ND)

Bama has had the #1 recruiting class since 2011. They have all the talent in the world on their roster.

Comment 6 hours ago

How do they fix their problem. Hire a new S&C coach. and make adjustments on the D. the same running play worked.

Also put some blame on Lame Kiffin for not feeding the ball to Henry more. 

Kirby Smart has to try anything to keep his job

Comment 6 hours ago

The teams have done their research. They know he surfs. It can be dangerous.

There are many contracts that limit players from riding motorcycles etc. Drew Brees did a motorcycle commercial and he didn't even get to ride it because of his contract


Kellen Winslow had this in his contract as well. Many players in the NFL have had accidents on them while during playing career, Kellen Winslow, Big Ben, Marcus Benard.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Detroit radio is asking for the audio of interview. 

Colin keeps saying he does not want this on the pod cast. I will be very surprised if this does not end up with links to hear soon

Comment 01 Jul 2015

University of Nebraska–Lincoln (1909–2011)

Removed from the AAU.[7] Chancellor Harvey Perlman claimed that the lack of an on-campus medical school (the Medical Center is a separate campus of the University of Nebraska system) and the AAU's disregarding of USDA-funded agricultural research in its metrics hurt the university's performance in the association's internal ranking system.[6] In 2010 Perlman stated that had Nebraska not been part of the AAU, the Big Ten would likely not have invited it to become the athletic conference's 12th member,[2] although a lack of support for Nebraska's AAU membership by some Big Ten members "call into question the pretext on which Nebraska was invited to join [the Big Ten]."[11]

Comment 01 Jul 2015

agreed. I still drive down every so often to get the chicken stuffed bread sticks. The ranch is by far the best tasting I have had.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Kansas would be a huge welcome with basketball but football is putrid.

Texas and Oklahoma both would be solid football and basketball additions 

That being said, Oklahoma is not in the AAU. The Big 12 has 3 schools that are in the AAU. Texas, Kansas and Iowa State. I would take any of those schools. 

Iowa State may not be a huge addition based on marketing as Iowa is already in and wouldn't add a new market really. Texas is the really money maker and would be a must add

Comment 01 Jul 2015

Team Buckeye err Lunarbeast will be in Jacksons ear. Hoping Cooper and Jackson will continue their relationship building. I continue to like OSU chances with him

Comment 29 Jun 2015

less dying, more evolving. 

Its the current trend in CFB. However you will still see packet passers.  CFB is just getting the best athletes the ball. Running backs are being bypassed now and are becoming more like the QB. Need to have the ball in their hands for results. 

The NFL will still continue to excel with a pro style QB but they need to have mobility and pocket awareness. 

in College you can excel still at the being the best athlete but trying to continue to add up runs in the NFL as a QB and you will need to find a new way to keep going as the guys are bigger, stronger and faster. The hits get harder. Example RG3. Took to many hits and relying more on his passing game now

Comment 29 Jun 2015

Its not over yet for Texas. This season will determine a lot for their recruiting season. 

However to add on more insult to your OP, the following colleges from Texas are in front of UT in the current 2016 rankings

Texas A&M #12
TCU #14
Baylor #18
Texas Tech#25
Houston #42

Texas is currently ranked #53 overall class. They currently only have 6 commits

they #6 in Texas, in-front of only Rice(83), North Texas(121), Texas State(68)