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Comment 9 hours ago

Here is the projected QB depth chart for Michigan. Be Glad OSU does not have this QB issue. 

1)Jake Rudock(once he actually graduates) as a JR led Iowa to 7-6 season. Their best win was over Pittsburgh or Ball State. he was 213/345 for 61.7 C%, 2436 yards passing, 16 TD, 5 Int

2) Shane Morris, sugar shane was 14/40 for a 35 C% with 128 yards , 0 TD, 3 INT

3) Wilton Speight, did not play last year. 3* QB from VA. Only offer was Michigan

4) Zach Gentry true freshmen 3/4* QB from New Mexico.

5) Alex Malzone true freshmen 3/4* QB from Michigan

6) Zach O'Korn transferred from Houston to Michigan. has to sit out this year

The following are walk ons: Brian Cleary, Joe Hewlett, Garrett Moores, Matt Thompson, Ramsey Romano.

Comment 31 Mar 2015

Per Dr. James Andrews website

What is the recovery time for Sports Hernia Surgery?

Recovery occurs in phases. Ambulating without crutches after 1-4 days, light exercise including pool therapy in 1-2 weeks, light resistance training and jogging in 3 weeks, sport specific therapy at 3-6 weeks. 


Comment 30 Mar 2015

I think a lot of questions can be answered this year in the NFL by Chip Kelly. He has gutted the "stars" on the team and will be starting a bunch of new guys this year. Last years team was 10-6 IIRC and missed the playoffs. This year he will be starting a new QB be it Bradford or a drafted QB(yes there is a shot for Sanchez as well). 

I have always been curious to see if an NFL team would take this type of approach with the QB. Will be interesting to see this year play out. Especially seeing the success of some of the other non traditional QBs such as Russell Wilson.

There is about to be a passing of the torch soon with the QBs such as Peyton, Brady, Brees getting closer to retirement and could be seeing a change in style soon enough. Great article!

Comment 27 Mar 2015

The crazy thing about Wallace is that he only played in 3 games last year. and his highlights are awesome from those games. He missed most of the season due to a broken ankle. Once he plays this year, I bet his ranking will be a lot better. His teammate 2017 WR wants to commit if they offer. Building a good relationship with the guys from DeSoto, TX

Comment 27 Mar 2015

OSU's offense is very QB friendly. Most of the time you could plug and play these guys in there and they should do well. However, I am hoping that there is more success at QB and OSU could start to build a bit of a QB factory as well. USC was known to stock pile QB after QB and would have a year or 2 out of their upper class men and then up came the next 4 or 5 star QB to take their place after sitting a few years. I can only hope this is the type of thing that OSU will build 

Comment 27 Mar 2015

I find that funny if he truly believes that about Depth and picks Tennessee. Yes OSU for 2016 season will have JT Barrett, Collier, Burrow and Gibson.

Tennessee took 3 QBs this last class
2015 Class Jauan Jennings, Quinten Dormady, Sheriron Jones 

If Jarrett is really concerned with depth he should go to Rutgers. However, the connection with Butch and his dad may win out in the end as Jarretts dad was a WR at Rutgers when Butch was a GA there

Comment 26 Mar 2015

The only weak spot on this team that I could see is the kicker. Sean went 13/20. was 89/89 for the extra point. If he improves then this team should be good all over. 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

OLP was in Toledo in 2001. I don't recall who else played with them. I was very young, caught a guitar pick and crowd surfed. 

TBS and Brand New it was either 2001-2002 at Frankies. There wasn't even a railing to the stage. It was nuts

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I am not saying there should be all 4 tough games. VT has been down the past few years but at time the game was scheduled they were  a top team. I have always looked forward to OSU playing against the instate teams 

There is no Ohio team on the schedule. Instead OSU schedules NIU, they are one of the top MAC schools yes  but I always look forward to OSU playing an instate team and there are many to choose from(UT, BG, Miami OH, Akron, Kent State, Ohio, Cincinnati, YSU, Dayton) In addition OSU schedules a second MAC team with Western and Hawaii. There should be a weaker power 5 opponent instead of Western such as NC State, Syracuse, Wake Forest or even a team like Nevada, Rice, Fresno, SMU. 

Comment 26 Mar 2015

First: Our Lady Peace
Best: Disciple, Skillet and Toby Mac at Cedar Point or Brand New and Taking Back Sunday in a very small bar in Toledo

Comment 25 Mar 2015

I agree that its a very weak OOC but at least there is no FCS school on it...

Other than that yes, OSU should be ashamed for this schedule.

Comment 25 Mar 2015

"So what's the potential fallout from Miller's misstep? Not much, most likely, unless Oshodin or another AdvoCare party has paid Miller handsomely for the privilege of the above photo, in which case the violation may be of the "secondary" variety. An apology, repayment of any minor impermissible benefits and promise to keep any future mentions of AdvoCare off his social media accounts may potentially resolve the case."