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Comment 39 minutes ago

is set to announce this Sunday this from the 247 website on his timeline:

Kareem Felder plans to announce his college choice on Sunday.


Comment 3 hours ago

I also find it funny he only has 11 offers. Pretty sure people do not even think its worth their time and resources to attempt to get him

Comment 5 hours ago

Yeah, took a bite of multiple things and just instantly gagged.  Seems very childish

Comment 5 hours ago

Now I want Skyline. Or since its not around NW Ohio anymore maybe I can get some Tony Packos

Comment 5 hours ago

Its pretty telling too that he has really only visited OSU. Granted a lot of the time its to watch his brother play but from digging around the only other school he visited was for a junior day in January 26, 2014 for Miami Hurricanes. Will be curious to see where or if he takes official visits. Guessing one would be Miami just because they are St. Thomas Aq feeding ground(as they are for OSU)


Comment 7 hours ago

Contest of Champions is fighting game. I use to play it a lot but it sucked up way too much time. I found it fun for about 2 weeks from the launch date.

However now I devote my time to Hearthstone as its been made now for phones.

Comment 7 hours ago

Was curious to see some "experts" takes on a 2016 draft.
1st Round Buckeyes

#1 Tennessee Titans: Joey Bosa, DE/DT, Ohio State
Joey Bosa dominated college football this past year and would definitely be a top-five pick in this year's class if he were draft-eligible. He's not, so the Titans would strongly consider him at No. 1 overall, as he could provide a big boost to their porous defense. Unlike Leonard Williams this year, Bosa will likely be viewed as the top consensus prospect in the draft. 

#3 Cleveland Browns: Cardale Jones, QB, Ohio State
The Browns may trade up for Marcus Mariota on April 30. If not - they already stupidly rejected a trade in which they'd give up Nos. 12 and 19, as well as their second-round pick - they'll have to find their quarterback of the future next spring; Chris Mortensen reported that Cleveland has "90 percent" given up on a quarterback who rolls $20s in bathrooms. Mike Pettine called the report "90-percent inaccurate," but he was 90-percent lying in order to maintain leverage for Mariota. 

Cardale Jones would've been a second-round prospect had he declared for the 2015 NFL Draft. There was a chance he would've gone late in the first via a team trading up, but he probably would've been relegated to the second frame. That will hardly be the case in the 2016 NFL Draft. If Jones starts and continues to thrive, he'll be a top-five selection, and he could potentially go No. 1 overall. He has way too much upside and natural talent, displaying Ben Roethlisberger- or Daunte Culpepper-type ability. 

#8 Jacksonville Jaguars: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State
I'm not sure what David Caldwell's analytics say about taking a running back in the first round, but he might believe that Ezekiel Elliott, the top prospect available, would help the offense immeasurably. 

Elliott is a first-round prospect despite the fact that the running back position has been devalued. Elliott, who was amazing in Ohio State's championship run, could be a stud back for the Jaguars, who will need to upgrade the position after Toby Gerhart predictably busted. 

#28 New England Patriots: Darron Lee, DE/OLB, Ohio State
The Patriots could be in the market for a pass-rusher in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Chandler Jones will be entering free agency in the spring of 2016, while Rob Ninkovich will be a 32-year-old heading into his contract season. Assuming the Patriots franchise Jones, they'll need at least one new starter for 2017 and beyond, so Darron Lee (7.5 sacks in 2014) can be used as a reserve for one season before taking on a full-time role. 


Comment 27 Apr 2015

I could go either way on both games. I thought about both losses. I gave them the benefit of the doubt with a home game. Now that I think about it. Oklahoma will probably be a loss because of the going to be true soph RB

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Oklahoma: Toss up. WIn
Western Carolina Catamounts: LOL, win
@ Florida: Loss
Arkansas: Loss
Georgia: Loss
@ Bama: Loss
@ Kentucky: Win
South Carolina: Win
North Texas Mean Green : LOL, win
@ Missouri: Loss
Vanderbilt: Win

7-5 is my guess

Comment 27 Apr 2015

Good for Jarrett. I know he Walker and Gary had talked about going to play together before and Walker and Gary will probably "look" at Tennessee sometime but again its Tennessee.

2014: 7-6
2013: 5-7
2012: 5-7
2011: 5-7
2010: 6-7

Have fun Jarrett. Good luck  playing for a new coach in a year or two 

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Good luck on running. But as others have said take it easy. One of the most dumb things I did was decided to do a half marathon with 3 weeks of training. I have since started to pick back up running and weight lifting. I am considerably healthy at 5'8 157. I could lose a few lbs but nothing major. I am planning on doing more relaxed runs this year such as a color run and the 4 miler in Columbus. 

I am thinking of doing a spartan run or mud run as well. As much as I would love to train to do a full marathon, I am pretty sure my wife would kill me if I signed up for one as she doesn't want to me to have all the extra wear and tear on the knees and ankles

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Not much of a cereal fan anymore. Most of the time its oatmeal or eggs. Use to love cinnamon toast crunch though 

Comment 22 Apr 2015


Comment 21 Apr 2015

I think the 4 playoff is perfect because its pretty much the power 5 championship game will (that being only 4 currently have it) make it in the playoffs. So its kind of already at a 8 team playoff. With the Big 12 getting theirs in 2016 will put it to 10 teams with the 1 conference being left out of the playoffs. Any given year there is only really 4-5 good teams so this really does work its self out