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Deshaun Thomas San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Draft Workout

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June 10, 2014 at 6:11pm

Deshaun Thomas San Antonio Spurs 2013 NBA Draft Workout Ohio State Basketball SLAM Magazine:


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Deshaun Thomas Ohio State Highlights from Adidas Nations 2013 NBA Draft Prospect:

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Did he even miss in that first video?  I understand that it is a cut-up version but man DT was stroking the ball in this day.

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Still think he has a shot in the league. Too much of a nose for the hoop, inside and out. 

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More made jumpers in the video alone than in OSU's entire season

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The biggest positive I see is that while noticeably fatigued, his shot doesn't suffer. Also, he seems a little out of shape. It's hard to get a feel based on a highlight reel, but he appears to be deserving of a shot. 

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We really could have used his offensive game to close out games this past season but I am so happy for his future and his growth potential.

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Never realized he was a lefty until just now. My lack of attention aside, I just don't think he's gonna be able to stick in the nba. That's not me being down on his playing ability; the dude can play. I just think his athleticism and ball handling aren't where they need to be for him to be an effective and consistent scorer in the league.

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At least he (along with all of our footballers headed to NFL) is part of a winning organization.  No one can argue the success of the Spurs.

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