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May 7, 2014 at 3:09pm

In the past week Ohio State has added Louisville, UNC and a TBA BigEast team to their OOC schedule.. Next year should be very interesting as they also have Marquette.. Those young freshman (Russell, Bates-Diop, Williams and Tate) should be nice and seasoned by B10 play. 

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FYI: The Big East -B1G deal doesn't actually start till 2015-16, but you're right, the 2014-15 non-conference with UNC, U of L, and Marquette is gonna be great.

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Oh your right! good call. 


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I've said for years I like the Tom Izzo | Michigan State way to schedule OOC for basketball. I would rather be 12-4 with an difficult OOC than 16-0 with the Morgan State's of the world. It allows for more growth in our starting lineup and younger bench players.

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Not to mention entertainment factor. Would you rather pay to see UNC or Morgan State at the Schott?

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Indeed it is better to test yourselves as early and as often in college basketball.It really gives you a heads up come tourney time on gauging on how you matchup with other elites.

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Love how both teams, basketball and football, are going with the stronger OOC games. Beat the best to be the best.

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I love the new schedule. Cupcakes are necessary, but not the entire out of conference schedule. However, I think there needs to be more quality teams on the schedule.