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Shannon Scott

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May 3, 2014 at 12:11am

He has to play to his full potential this season if we're going to compete for championships. He has shown glimpses of great basketball but it is mixed with turnovers, missed layups and terrible shooting nights. If he can be a consistent player as a senior we have a chance to surprise some people. Craft being gone could be good for him because he's finally the guy at the point. Let's hope he puts it all together for his last run. 

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I love the talent we brought in but we need a big if we hope to go far.

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You beat me to it - He has the potential to be so dynamic but he is going to have to bring it every game.

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Yeah baby, bring it!

Go Bucks!

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Anthony Lee the transfer we got from Temple that averaged 14/9 I believe is going to sure us up on the interior. He doesn't have to sit out a year and will play immediately. I do not think people grasp the  idea of how much he is going to help us next year because he wasn't a fancy household name.His numbers have improved steadily every year from 5/5 to 10/7 to 14/9.  So if he can give us say 15/10 we  would be golden..If he was to continue to improve at the rate he has his college career he would average 18/13 and be in the running for B1G player of the year. With our lack of inside presence I expect him to have a huge role on next years team.

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Def would like to see Lee average 18/13 or even 15/10. But he's coming into a more physical league, playing in the big leagues if you will. I think he will be around the 10/7 area. With all the talent rolling in and Amir hoping to be somewhat better and grabbing boards. I think 10/7 would be a great addition to this team.

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Amir was the one who pointed out 'Anthony Lee' ain't no fancy household name

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A big man presence is important but this team also needs a slasher that can actually finish at the basket. Sam is not a slasher but he can finish. Scott is not a slasher and he cant finish.  We need someone that can get to the basket in a half court set and actually put the ball in the hole.  If Loving had any confidence he has the physical ability to do it.  Maybe one of the freshmen?

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Russell is that good.  There are a few good Frosh coming in to the BigTen next year and Russell has the talent to be the best.  He slashes, shoots, rebounds and dishes with ease.  If he comes in ready to go we will be just fine. 


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Hopefully Russell is as good as advertised.  They say he can run the point or SG.  We need that versatility if we are to compete for a championship.

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ah offseason how sweet thou aren't

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