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Anthony Lee

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March 23, 2014 at 2:05pm

Anyone know the latest on Anthony Lee? Has he visited yet or when he will decide on his destination? Any early favorites?

He would obviously be a huge get for Matta next year, have a center that can both score and play defense. 

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Crossing my fingers here!!! We aren't getting Myles Turner...so we NEED this guy. Hopefully that will bridge the gap until 2015 when Daniel Giddins (hopefully) is our C.

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Need Him Now  - Can't say that enough

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do you have a link that says we aren't getting Myles Turner. You are stating it as a fact, so you must know everything.


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Really BD? Haven't you heard? I, in fact, do know everything. Easy bro- it's a message board post my man. But until I hear something positive that he indeed is leaning toward OSU , I don't think there is any way he does. I hope to eat my words... But let's face it, the staff's inability to develop a big man is hurting us. Amir and Trey are not good and haven't gotten much better, if at all. You can't say Sully got that much better in his 2nd year...all he did was develop his outside game himself. His only post move was bullying through dudes, which he did do well lol. Mullens...nope, and Koufos...eh. 

Amir has a few moves...but we have never made the effort to include him in the offense. High school kids see that. So until I see something positive with him and OSU, I say he will follow the same thing Okonoboh and Elbert Robinson did and choose somewhere else. 

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If you look at Turner's profile on 247 it appears that he has absolutely no interest in the Buckeyes.  If I'm not mistaken, I'll admit I don't follow recruiting all that much.

I think Buckeyewiseman is spot on.  Moreover, I would guess that not having good outside shooters only makes the situation worse.  Other teams crowded the paint on defense, so it's been harder for our bigs to do anything, and guys like Craft and Q were finding it increasingly tougher to drive in there.  Sometimes I think it's amazing the Buckeyes were able to score as much as they did this year.

I can think of some other teams that get more production out of their front line simply because they have guys who can shoot well from the perimeter.  For example, Wichita State (as the Buckeyes learned a year ago) and I can think of one other team that's also doing well right now but I don't even want to mention their name.

Maybe Thad will have more success recruiting big men when he finds some guys who can spread the floor a little better.


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Lee states Indiana as his early favorite

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Lee has 30 offers. Matta's track record with bigs lately doesn't give me much hope. I can imagine another class with no legit center in it. That is putting everything on 2015 and starting a true freshman.

Bit concerned about the problems Matta is having recruiting bigs that can play 




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