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Why did OSU not go after Traveon Jackson?

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March 22, 2014 at 10:10pm

Sure he looks many layers less skilled than his All-Time Great Dad, but the kid can still play good, solid ball.

Watching this tournament and seeing Jackson and Hayes play strong for Wisconsin..... Sibert shining for Dayton and Lavert looking sleek for Michigan, I'm kind of jealous of some of that missed talent, as I peer into OSU's cupboard and see some empty spaces on the shelves.

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After watching them come back against Oregon - really makes you wonder

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Did we not want him, or did he not want us? Because he's in the same class as Scott, and one year behind Smith and Sibert (had he not transferred) -- the three players who would have been his closest competitors for playing time. 

He's turned into a better player than Smith and would have likely proved that eventually had he come here. Had he come out of high school in 2012 instead of 2011, I think he might have gotten an offer. But the timing wasn't great.

But yeah, when you look at the mass disappointment of this year's juniors, and recall that Jackson and Trey Burke came out that same year from OSU's home county, it's depressing.

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Three years ago:

  • Point guard Thad Matta wanted: Shannon Scott
  • Point guards Thad Matta didn't want: Traevon Jackson, Trey Burke

When you pass up kids from Columbus, worse yet kids that are sons of Buckeye legends, you better be sure you're getting greatness. I'd have to say Shannon Scott doesn't qualify.

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Yea That was/is probably one of the worst decisions of the Thad Matt's career at tOSU .. Especially Burke going up north and going on to win player of the year awards and a birth in the NC Game..

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20 years ago, losing Columbus talent Samaki Walker,Kenny Gregory and Lawrence Funderbuerke seemed more of a case that tOSU didn't have a basketball pedigree, so it was hard to fault the players. A miss like Gary Trent is bound to happen, however with a recent near decade that has included a National Title game appearence and multiple Sweet 16 runs and Big 10 Championships, I-270 should be a border closed to the roundball Bucks.

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years ago:

players Thad Matta wanted: Jared Sullinger Desuan Thomas 
players Thad Matta passed up: Adrien Payne(dayton)  Travis Trice(Huber Heights Wayne, played ball with Braxton) 

Ohio produces talent every year, its one of most balanced states in the nation in terms of basketball and football talent, therefore you cant get them all to be buckeyes. 

lets go bucks!!

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for sure you can't get them all, and hindsight being 20/20 it makes this discussion more or less a bitch fest (relatively speaking) on my part.   I wasn't complaining when Matta waltzed into Indianapolis and waltzed out with Oden and Conley, or when he went to Fort Wayne for Deshaun.... Just the dissapointment of this year stings all the more, watching Ohio boys play hard not wearing the Scarlet and Grey.  There will always be a question in my mind about the level of dedication and fullfillment of childhood drive way basketball dreams an Ohio kid may bring to the table as opposed to an equally or even more physically talented player from out of state.

Just curious what happened with Jackson, being a potential legacy, that he didn't end up in Columbus.

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It's easy to cherry pick the kids you want after they've been in college for 3 years and shined in the tournament.  Much harder to do that when they are coming out of high school. It's no different than football, except that there are far fewer scholarships and sometimes you miss. In our case we've missed a couple times the last few years and some great talent got away.

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Went to school with trae at Westerville South, had multiple classes and shared mutual friends. He didnt really have a great relationship with his dad, made it known he was going to forge his own path pretty early on. His dad wanted him to go to OSU but that made him want to go elsewhere even more. Great kid though, extremely humble and hard working in everything he does.

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This is not the first time I've heard this. We may not have tried real hard, but there was very little to no interest. 

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Traevon Jackson, Adrian Payne, Caris LeVert, Trey Burke, Travis Trice, Kenny Kaminski, Nigel Hayes played pretty good against us from the first game iirc, 

It's not missing on these guys that hurts me but some of the players Matta has gotten within the last 4 years and just have left without touching the surface like; Crater, Sibert, Weatherspoon, Amedeo and a few others im sure. If we recruited just ohio we would have the #1 team in the Nation.

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JD Weatherspoon got an offer...Trey Burke.............................................................................?

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It's a head scratcher 

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People need to remember that not all of the decision process of the players falls on Thad's lack of interest.  Trey Burke committed early to PSU, their coach gets fired.  Trey Burke improves since his decision, he opens up his recruitment again.  Thad already has Shannon Scott lined up and would have been ridiculed to take 2 PGs in the same class with Aaron Craft already here.

Same story with Carlis LaVert.  He committed early to OU and John Groce.  Groce leaves for Illinois.  LaVert improved his game since committing and now has more attractive offers.  Meanwhile Ohio State didn't a lot of open scholarships to be recruiting a late bloomer like LaVert.  In Basketball, your misses are so much more magnified and harder to hide than in football.  

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Yeah, but how about taking a PG that can score when they are only a year apart from Craft?

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Once Sullinger committed to OSU, Payne was going elsewhere. No way he was going to sit behind Sullinger. Sometimes even when you want a guy, he doesn't want you. And he ends up somewhere else. It happens.


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as much success Matta has had in recruiting, he has seriously missed (whether his/the staffs fault or not) with Amir, Scott, ADV, and to some extent Q…all three were expected to be stars at the college level and for the most part have been average at best…Q did get his points at times but was he really that dominant like a Turner or a Thomas? IMO, not even close. Amir is really bad, especially considering his size and I have no idea what to even describe Scott as. He has his moments but then balances the scales by playing very poorly. ADV, as likeable as he is, wasn't nearly as deadly from behind the arc as we all thought he'd be. Meanwhile, we see other kids we bailed on go out and take over, with Burke being the catalyst for this Michigan resurgence. Suppose recruiting is a very imperfect science, especially in basketball, but to miss that bad is incredibly unlucky. 

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I am just bitterly disappointed in this year's team. I see good Ohio kids playing elsewhere and it makes it worse. I guess I will get over it if next year's frosh pan out. As for now, I am a little disappointed in Thad and with the breakdown of each year's class. No juniors. I am trusting that Thad will have a secondary plan and have a tuff JC big ready to sign on. I just hope that there is one good one left or a fifth year transfer.


I am spoiled with the sucess of both the football and basketball teams. Until this year, we were Kings of the Big. I really liked that.


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Seems we have missed a lot more lately than we have hit on recruiting, Hope this new class coming in turns the tide. We must get Bragg or Kennard. Kennard preferably. 

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Im wondering what is the situation with Javon Bess, from Gahanna Lincoln. Did he not want to come here, or did we not recruit him hard? He has signed with Michigan State unfortunately. I really hate when we lose kids to other schools.. 

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I dont think we offered him. 


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Plus we already have two small forwards in this class with Tate and Bates-Diop.


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problem being that tate and bess were both on the pick central team with levert that won the state title and you could tell they all had the gift to be d1 athletes yet we only get 1 of 3 from our own back yard


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Let's hope all of this is behind us and we are able to keep all the great local kids at home where they belong.

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Matta. Star chaser. 

Stay golden, Ponyboy.

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Did you have a problem with that when he chased Oden, Conley, Turner, Sullinger, and Thomas? :/

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