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Q staying or going?

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March 16, 2014 at 11:18am

I know there is still the tourny and everything but has anyone heard if Q plans on forgoing his senior year? Or what his draft stock looks like? I personally think he should come back to work on his outside game. It would be huge for the top scorer to come back but you can't blame him for chasing his dream. 

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I tend to think he's staying but you can never look past the fact that he has a kid to feed.

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An NBA exec was quoted as saying that Craft and Q are both early to mid second rounders on some boards.

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I seem to think he does his doctors stuff instead of the D league. What do you think?

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The way I see it is this..sure NBA money sounds awesome when your 20 years old, and hell yeah, my kid will be livin the good life, but what happens when all of the sudden things just sent working out and you are no longer able to play basketball? Where's that degree u went after? How will your kid be living with what is now a limited amount of money and daddy has no income? You can't just look at today, you have to look down the road, i mean unless you have magical powers and can guarantee yourself on a roster until you are able to retire..

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I just don't see Ross making it as a pro. Not athletic enough, not strong enough and no

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I would like to add, some guys are just college all-stars and not pro material.
Nothing wrong with that.

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Ross struggles on dribble & drive. Needs that do make it in NBA. 

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Laquinton certainly has the potential to further develop into an NBA player, but he's not there yet.  He can "go pro" and start cashing checks while playing in the NBA D-League or come back and play for Thad while possibly improving his draft stock and picking up his degree.  I think I would stay, but without understanding the full set of circumstances around him it's hard to say what the best move is.

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I'm not sure about Ross's pro potential, or at least his NBA potential. Physically, he reminds me of a lot of Euros who come to the USA who have small/power forward length, but look as if they've never lifted a weight in their life. His upside might be Europe.

Not really buying the "stay in school to help your draft stock" argument. Aside from Evan Turner, I don't think this has borne fruit for any recent Buckeye. It certainly didn't for Sully, Buford, and Deshaun Thomas.

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Gotta be able to shoot from range, Ross can drive like no other but his outside game is alright..Especially since the line is moved back in the NBA. He wont make it without an outside shot, and that would improve his stock. 


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Q needs to stay to have a chance at the NBA. But, I think he's going (to Europe).

Long live the southend.

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I think Q would probably get drafted if he came out, but he would end up like Deshaun Thomas, playing in Europe right now. In hindsight, he probably should have come out last year, as his bright performance of the end of year might have convinced a team to draft him late in the 1st. For me, Q should stay, I think others have highlight the physical and long range shooting concerns, but for me, I think some NBA teams might be concerned about Q's habit of getting Technical fouls and letting the frustration get the better of him. Q would probably be the 4th or 5th guy on the bench, and I'm worried teams might shy away from Q because of his struggles staying composed. 

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NCAA restricts the hours players can work with coaches. It is very difficult for a player to improve his game dramatically while in college. The greatest leap in skills usually occurs in the first few years in professional basketball since these players can put all their time and energy into the game with coaches to help. Q is most likely destined for Europe and staying another year probably won't change it too much.

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IMHO - I know he needs to come back to work on his Offensive and defensive game. He really plays well when it's Feb and March - but he needs to learn how to play like that from game 1

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He'd be the biggest idiot if he leaves early. 

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You couldn't think of anything besides insulting him?

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I think he needs another year, but I would be surprised if he stayed.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Craft is coming back to Ohio State to play for U Meyer.  Then head to Med school...  Q is gone he needs the money and if he can get it, go get it.


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Heard on 97.1 The Fan that Craft has one year of eligibility for the football team. I'm sure Craft playing safety for Urban will never happen, but imagine the level of irritation it would cause to all the BigTen fanbases. They already feel like Craft has been agitating them for a hundred years.

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I think he is gone. It just looks to me he isn't enjoying himself. Call it a gut feeling.


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Q would have a much better chance as a Pro than DT.  DT was a 6'5 Power Foward.  Q is a 6'8 Small Forward who can drive and play one one one basketball.  The stupid travel calls he gets will not be called in the NBA and he will be able to score in an offense more taylored to his play style.  This offese the Buckeyes run of let Craft dribble up top and move the ball around the perimeter and waste 12 seconds then when the clock breaks 10 rush a shot does not suit Ross.  I still say if the OSU offense was ran for Ross like they did for DT and let Ross run of multiple screens and make the offense more about Ross and less about Craft controlling it this team would be much better.  I LOVE CRAFT so don't think I am hating, his defense his leadership and hustle drives this team.  But Ross's offense is the only offense on this team, and in the NBA he will be drafted and be on a roster and suprise many OSU fans I think.

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OSU will be a serious contender if he comes back. I hope he sees that and realizes that the game will open up even more for him when he is surrounded by viable scoring threats from the outside. Of course, I am assuming that Loving, Della Valle, Scott and Thompson continue to develop and Russell, Tate, and Bates-Diop are able to contribute right away. I don't think either assumption is far-fetched.