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March 9, 2014 at 10:55pm

I'm really just tired of seeing everyone on 11W trash our basketball team. Tonight, I was at the game in the front of the student section. There was an amazing atmosphere and seeing them that close and personal makes you see they really are playing with passion; Lenzelle puts everything he has into his game. 

I'll remind everyone here, they are student athletes. Give them more respect please. That goes for the 11W staff as well. The whole game I just see negative tweets about how awful they're playing and even after they win, everyone goes on about how it was an ugly win. Appreciate what you have

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Sorry, I'm (and probably most of the ppl you are addressing) are realists. We call it like we see it. This team is quite frustrating to watch, doesn't mean we love them any less

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You act like 23-8 in the nation's best conference, (with wins at Wisconsin, at Iowa, and vs. MSU), is below you.

Man, we have a segment of our fanbase that is spoiled.

I get frustrated at times, but this is still a great team...I'm proud of these kids.


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@AB1993- On no level is 19-31 on the free-throw line acceptable (14-23 against IU).  Not to mention how many were the front-end of a one-and-one.  I love this team.  I sweat it out on the game threads with all my 11w companions.  But come on man, this team IS BETTER than what they have shown.  Which is WHY we are all frustrated.  And don't get me started on Amir...

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I haven't seen too much "trashing" although there will be those individuals no matter what. It is fair, however, to be critical of this team and the coaching staff at times. Defensively, this team has great individual performers but is still prone to mental lapses and slow rotations. When your team struggles as much as this one does offensively, you cannot afford to have those lapses even a few times a game. Offensively, the team does not move well without the ball and many times is forced to take contested shots late in the shot clock. And a lot of that is on the coaching staff as this team really hasn't developed much throughout the year.

I have waited a long time for Ohio State fans to be as passionate about basketball as they are about football. Clearly, the two will never be equal but Thad has got it pretty darn close. With passion comes winning and with winning comes expectations. And just like we do with the football team, we expect this team to go out and win the games that they have the talent and capability of winning. It is fair to say that this team should not have lost 8 games in the Big Ten this year. That's not trashing, it's reality.


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Maybe Buckeye fans are spoiled, but I've never said this team plays without heart and passion except for AW, who I feel is lazy and nonchalant during most games.

This year's team is just flawed and difficult to watch offensively a lot of the time. They still play hard and with passion. It's impossible not to when a team is as good defensively as this team is. It's just hard to know that this team probably doesn't have the capability of a deep March run. I hope I'm wrong, but either way, I'll be watching and hoping they make it all the way and hoist the trophy, no matter how difficult they are to watch.


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Dude, you just joined this site less than two months ago, whats with the high horse stuff already?  I don't disagree that we should give the kids respect, but where are all these disparaging comments you speak of?  If your basing this mostly off of tweets, Im afraid that is a battle you will never win.  There are always going to be ignorant people on the internet and even good fans get frustrated and make an occasional negative remark.  Playing D1 basketball or football will put you in the spotlight, theres nothing the players can do about that.  Its best just to ignore the trolls.

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I'm not on a high horse I'm just frustrated whenever I read a basketball article there are always comments bashing the team. And the tweets I'm referring to are from the 11W staff. Just because people aren't used to us having such a "bad" season, doesn't mean you have to criticize every thing they do wrong.

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So what you are saying is you are allowed to criticize posters you don't know  when you get frustrated... but we aren't allowed to criticize basketball players we don't know when we get frustrated 

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I'm not saying you are not allowed, but it's literally all I've been seeing this season.

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I applaud you for your dedication and I wish I could go to the games again - it's just a little difficult from so far away. Try not to take too serious the comments on these boards that are negative --- I think it can be therapeutic for some to get the release on these boards rather than kicking the dog or yelling at the kids.