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Bubble Team?

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February 28, 2014 at 2:17pm

People have been talking about potential seeds in the B1G tourney and possible seeds in NCAA tourney and I have been worried about even making the NCAA tourney.  I haven't said anything for fear of jinxing us.  But, I have to think that if we stumble in our last two games (very possible) and have an early exit in the B1G tourney, a 22 win team with a .500 conference record will be sitting on the "bubble".  Who replaces us from our conference? Iowa? Minnesota? Nebraska?  Nebraska??!!!  Somebody calm my fears.

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Your fear is justified.

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Sorry Ashtabula, I won't calm your fears.  Join me.

If you only knew the POWER of the Dark Side.

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I know a .500 record sounds bad, especially with what we've come from expecting over the last few years from a Matta led crew. But it is still a .500 record in the best conference in college basketball. I'm not trying to excuse 2 loses to Penn St - thats inexcusable - but .500 in the B1G is .700 - .750 in another conference and the committee recognizes that. We won't be a high seed, but an 8, 9, or 12 would still be a very real possibility. As bad as we've been this year, we still have quality wins, so I don't think you need to be concerned. This is not a bubble team.

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I agree, but how many B1G teams will make the dance?  I assume four is guaranteed, but based on records, this season it might be a stretch to take it to 5 or 6.

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Based off this, OSU is a lock for the tournament at an 8 seed at the worst and the B1G could get anywhere from 5-7 teams in.


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Well to put this into perspective, last year 7 teams made it. This included a 23-13 Illinois team (8-10 in conference) and a 21-13 Minn team (8-10 in conference). Looking at that, I dont think there is any way we get left out. 

*As a side note, Iowa did get left out at 9-9 in conference, with a better record than either of the above teams, but I do not believe they had any quality wins on their resume that could help them. 

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Is it possible that without the Big East as it was the last few years sending 8+ teams that there's a potential for one more team from each power conference? I feel like that could bode well for the B1G, but don't think OSU is on the bubble yet. Even with the bad losses on the schedule, there have been some VERY good wins there (@Wisconsin, @Iowa).

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I honestly don't know the answer to this question, I just like gifs.


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This one is for you Hove!


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I don't suffer from them these days, but a few years ago that looks like it might have helped alleviate hangover-type symptoms.


Along with more beer.

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No chance. 3 straight losses doesn't take you from a 4-5 seed to the bubble. 

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Unfortunately 3 straight losses does put you in that 8/9 early tourney exit position.  Although maybe for this team the early exit should be considered merciful and not unfortunate.

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Very possible. That could be a blessing though. I just hope we get the 8/9 in the bracket that has Wichita as the 1. 

Don't dismiiss Thad in the B1G tourney though. 3 straight losses and a tourney win get this team a 6 or 7. 

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I think they're safe now, even if we end up losing our last 4 going into the NCAAs (the chances of that may be slim, but they're not that slim). But a massive number of conference tournament upsets could change things. 

Generally speaking, though, a .500 B1G record gets you in, even in the absence of any true marquee wins (maybe winning in Madison qualifies).

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OSU will make the tourney but does anyone honestly think that this team, who cannot even play consistently well for two straight halves, will play consistently enough to win more than one game in the tournament? I'm sorry but the talent just isn't there to make a deep run this year.


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You're right about the consistency thing, but they're supposed to forget about that once they're in the tournament.

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They will get in, anything more than that would be surprise for me.

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They'll make the tournament, there's really no worry from this guy on that, how they do once they get there is up in the air.

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I can see us beating Indiana and then losing to MSU, then winning at least one game in the conference tourney.

so with a 24-9 record, I think they get in. Then from there it will be about what matchup they will get.

and really, I believe who is the "best basketball conference" is debatable. ACC adding Syracuse and Pitt made them very deep. BiG 12 with the influx of talent into Kansas, plus OkieSt/IowaSt/Baylor seems like they have some very competitive games.



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We've gone from aspirations of a Final Four appearance to hopes of a First Four invitation. 

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The past needs to be left in the past - we need to make a nice run in the B1G Tourney