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Comment 3 hours ago

Malik Hooker...I doubt a top recruit gets it removed first as this is another step in the de-recruit phase. Plus, I lean toward LB's and DB's as special teamers have the best shot early in camp.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

Please refer to the comments for reinstating the band director.

Comment 28 Jul 2014

I see a lot of comments on this site putting too much weight in star ratings. A 3-star may actually be rated higher than a 4-star by a particular coaching staff. I would love the staff to put a piece together detailing the politics behind star ratings.

Comment 27 Jul 2014

Due to NCAA rules, he gets very limited coaching during the off-season. He is who he is.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

You could have taken them as well...and you probably would have if you knew a couple million dollars was only one year away.

Comment 26 Jul 2014

Larry Johnson and Chris Ash will be the first two to lose their stripes.

Comment 25 Jul 2014

When Urban is your coach, no need for a special guest. He is the main event!

Comment 23 Jul 2014

I laugh at these smucks that say it's OK because they are married to the perfect wife..Newlyweds!

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Your assistant principle is your "pal", but I miss high school lunch tables. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

I guess that shows your age, because I just assume everyone is 40.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

I was going to post, then I read the first comment and it said everything I was thinking. So, I'll just up vote and go back to my coffee.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Wendy's is decent but I love a Romanburger from Mr. Hero's. Also, I've gotta give some love to Arby's. I crave Arby's sauce!

Comment 16 Jul 2014

No problem helping out little brother until he gets big enough to kick your ass...them it is every man for themselves.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

If it was important for the players to be in classes then I agree with the less travel. Other than that, they can get the same things you listed from playing Kansas. Plus, they are not helping their little brothers.