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February 9, 2014 at 2:06am

What a turnaround!!! Shannon Scott was the bane of my existence 12 days ago but he has played 3 good games in a row! Sam Thompson is also shooting with confidence like he did at the end of last season. Lenzelle has re-discovered his shot too.  This team an play like a Top 10 team at times but can also stink it up like no OSU team since Matta took over.

Anyone willing to place a bet on an OSU Basketball game this year is an idiot!  I love to gamble but how can anyone know what you are going to get from this team from game to game? 

Makes it kind of fun, though........GO BUCKS!! scUM is going down Wednesday!

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It's real hard to know what Buckeye BBall team will show up night to night....Right when you think they have it figured out a team like Michigan, Indiana or Northwestern is going to show up, zone us to death and make us shoot like 20% and it will seem like the sky is falling again.  I was impressed with the tiny bit of pep in his step that Amir played with.  If only we could replicate that game to game and cut down on his defensive mistakes.  Just have to pray that Lenzelle and LaQuinton at least one will show up on a given night and anything else is icing on the cake

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Hopefully scUM goes down on TUESDAY when we play them!!

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There's not a dramatic change that's leading to the turn around.  In the losses, we shot the ball terribly, above average turnovers, and had too many defensive breakdowns, leading to increased opponent shooting percentage.  Now, we're not shooting the ball great, we're still turning the ball over and we still have defensive breakdowns, not to mention I'm noticing we're losing the battle of the boards a bit too often.  The key is that we're not doing all of these things to the same extent.  We're winning being extremely average shooting the ball, holding opponents to reasonable low shooting percentages (indicative of us playing better, not great, defense), and we're turning the ball over a normal amount.  I would say that we're starting to win because we're starting to get back to being our average team....we're no longer in a TOTAL TEAM SLUMP.

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I hope the team goes on a major run like last year.

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Given the difference in Scott's mentality coming off the bench as opposed to starting, you have to wonder if they keep doing that with him next year with Russell and K. Williams in the backcourt to start the game.  

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Scott seems to be pressing when he starts - I think the 6th man role fits him better.

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OSU has shown what they're capable of recently when theyre knocking down some shots and getting balanced scoring. Before the year began I thought this team could be very dangerous because of balance instead of relying on a single player. Maybe that's what were starting to see. It adds more excitement when OSU just went to iowa and handled them right before scum took a trip there and got run off the floor.

Going to be an interesting finish to the regular season and hopefully this team can keep it rolling for momentum going into tourney time.