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EGW Playing at RB

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July 20, 2014 at 2:50am

I believe he is suppose to be on campus next weekend.  Also heard he moved to RB and has really stepped up and been a role model under Thomas McDaniels.  I think he keeps a good head on his shoulders he will be a good one for us.

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If Urban whiffs on recruits Weber and Harris, there'll be a gaping hole at tailback in this class, so good news all around.  Would be good to see this kid step up , being the first signee and all.

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While I don't see it happening, it's the one position we could afford a 'whiff'. 

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I can't imagine EGW as an RB at OSU...although Teddy Ginn came in as a CB and part time QB so who knows. Nice to have options. 

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I took it as he has just switched to RB for his high school team. Think he is coming here as a CB or slot. Although I didnt see Samuel being a full time RB either. More worried about him getting his mind right and growing from his mistakes. Kid is special on the field no doubt.

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EGW is way to small to be a RB in college let alone at The Ohio State.

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EGW is 5'10"/5'11", if he adds some weight he's definitely not "way to small" to be a RB.

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The good news to me is that he is getting his life together.

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The next De'Anthony Thomas

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He'll be rb for mckinley but slot(dontre) at osu. He's by far the best offensive player in this class and in ohio imo. Beger tore his acl trying to tackle him for perspective

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CB all the way. 

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It's nice to have various options and weapons.

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He's only playing RB for his HS team.  He won't be a RB here.  As others said, he will play pivot or CB.  For some perspective on this move, he was the HS QB before the move, and people here were thrilled when he was considering transferring to play with Danny Clark as his QB for his last year.

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