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Oregon LT Johnstone tears ACL.

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August 11, 2014 at 4:48pm

One of the big things the Oregon ducks had going for them was the return of all 5 OL starters. With their LT tearing a acl this could possibly weaken their whole unit. LT is most certainly the most important spot on the OL so  we have to assume that Johnstone was their best Olineman. Not sure yet who will replace him but in most cases it involved shuffling of other along the OL when you are filling suck a valuable spot as LT. Anyone else with any more insight into the situation feel free to add. I'm betting this news doesnt have any Spartan fans crying.

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Shame, hope the kid has a speedy recovery. Knee injuries, especially torn ligaments, are very harsh. In terms of how the Ducks adjust, its really Mariota or bust for them, meaning he is so good that this loss wont be felt too much IMO. Left Tackle is extremely important, but Mariota is very mobile and so DL will be forced to stay at home more often than they like. 

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This is his second tear in the same knee.  I'm sure Spartan (and all fans) feel for the kid.  Best of luck to him and speedy recovery.

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Get well soon young man - I know he's devastated and I really feel for him. Speedy recovery!