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Love my Buckeyes like no other. I would have won a Heisman if only coach had put me in.


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Comment 30 minutes ago

Wow thats my fault for trying to breeze through without paying attention. This guy entered an occupied dorm of 2 females and was ID'ed by the victims. The difference between entering a home or residence that is unoccupied and one where people are present is huge. Could be indicted on aggravated burglary charges or Home Invasion charges and do serious prison time for this offense.

Comment 48 minutes ago

My wife has an app on her phone where if you are trying to put the unlock screen code in the first time you do it wrong it starts snapping secret pictures and emails them to her account until the correct code is entered. Wonder if this scholar got caught with something similar. I'd love to see details. Maybe they gps'ed it all the way to his pocket while still on the visit.

Comment 2 hours ago

You dont have people deliver it. It is carried by those little drone things that would have your location built into its delivery route. Simply stand up and unhook food and enjoy. Of course food would have to be paid for via cellphone or debit/credit card and if you are not in the seat you are suppose to be your cellphone gps would have to link into the drone's capability.

Comment 15 hours ago

Dontre will lead in every single category except yards per catch. Devin will lead in that one.

Comment 15 hours ago

Cool as hell. Weird because I watched Enter the Dragon today for the first time in about a decade. It was all HDed out and I couldnt turn down the 2 1/2 hour gift. That led me to his wiki page and I wound up learning half of what I thought I knew about the legend was false. Baddest man to walk the planet and to say any of of those above clips are fake is complete blasphemy.

Comment 18 hours ago

Oregon very rarely loses at home. They return all 5 starters on their OLine and their Heisman(possible top 5 pick) hopeful QB. They are going to rack up some serious points on a very green MSU D.

Comment 19 hours ago

Cavs will give up Wiggins,Bennett,and future 1st,and another player to be named. Sources saying its pretty much a wrap. Sucks monkey balls to give up all that.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Iowa pulled our pants down that first half last year with an extra week to prepare with their 3 TE sets and whatnot.Think NW was another team that benefited. Its almost like the coaches are asked when they prefer to have it and everybody wants an extra week to prepare for their toughest games. Wonder who we play after our byes.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

So last week he was for sure visiting us and today we have to wait for a decision if he actually will be visiting us? I think I'll sit this one out until he actually leaves campus and comments on said visit.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

That is true M Man. *ichigan will field a very solid defense and doesnt really have any glaring holes. That is the whole reason I do not see Peppers making a serious impact and the sole reason I honestly dont think he starts at the beginning of the season. Seen a interview with Mattison and he basically said they were going to plug Peppers in where ever they needed him. But here it is a month before kickoff and the young man doesnt even have a position to call his own. No doubt down the line he is most likely going to be a game changer,but a ton of people including team16 need to temper their expectations this first year or the dreaded "bust" tag will start getting thrown around. He could just wind up being a really solid player, but I see everyone expecting multiple All American bids and things like that are rare. Curtis Grant our middle LBer was the #3 recruit in the Nation 5* and was a "can't miss" recruit. Read the article on the front page about his legacy here.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Sad thing to hear. Hopefully in everyones best interest it is fabricated or misconstrued.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Haha BUCNDC why did you edit your comment from "we need that stud that can lay the wood" to "we need that stud that can bring the hammer"? Thought it was funny man. Either way here is a UV for the attempt.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Wisonsin,Clemson,West Virgina, and Boise state have chances to put a real early chink in the might sec's armor. Only game that should get out of hand is Bama vs. WVU but that will be whatever Bama QB's first game action ever and they have a new OC. Exciting shit man.Cant wait for the first game to kickoff I dont care if it is Marshall on a thursday nighter.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

To be fair it is really hard to judge a oline when they are mixed and matched on 2 separate teams. Also I think our starters sat out the spring game. So mostly that was second and third string.

Comment 21 Jul 2014

Last year at the end it was:

1)Pass coverage

2)Pass offense

This year I have to believe both of those issues will still be our 2 biggest weaknesses until proven otherwise.We WILL run the ball and we WILL stop the run. Thats our programs identity and always will be. Not sure you lose 4 starting OL and your top WR and instantly improve while your starting QB hasnt even been throwing most of the off season while he rehabbed his throwing arm from surgery.Maybe through scheme ? I do feel both of those areas will see the greatest improvement at the beginning and throughout the season. With all the youth we have in the back 7 and at the skill positions I think our 2 biggest weaknesses will finish like this.

1)Turn Overs


Comment 21 Jul 2014

Unfortunately I think Oklahoma state lost just a little too much to keep that game close. Think they lose like 7 defenders. Top 3 tacklers,19 of 21 interceptions. Starting QB Chelf and a couple of good WR's. While I wouldnt write them completely off I just dont feel real excited about their chances.If Chelf still had eligibility I would have felt pretty decent.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Reality...In large doses can be very dangerous to the fragile human ego. Good job Dan. Both are probably not an option. Most people seem to be very very greedy at the moment and just think we can acquire and keep everyone.If not Love now, then a dominant low post presence option needs to be discussed.  Wiggins is going to be a All Star...Eventually...Love would make this team  so much better for the next 3 seasons. If the Cavs prove the front office cant make the right decisions to make this team a title contender does LeBron leave again? Huge gamble and we all have to hope the front office knows more then us and will make the right decision.