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Maryland v. ACC lawsuit resolution

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August 9, 2014 at 10:45am

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No. Big difference between exit fee and grant of TV rights. 

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I think we are done for a while. With all the big announcements lately, I think everyone will take a wait and see approach. The rules of the game have changed so the old strategies may not apply anymore. Plus as Hetuck noted, grant of rights bring stability.

"Because the rules won't let you go for three." - Woody Hayes

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I don't know-I could see the recent rulings as a trigger to start things up again across the country.  It's mentioned in the Blog post about Autonomy, but I think more non Power 5 schools will be looking to join the power conferences now (sites Cincinnati to the Big 12 as a possible example).  That's not to say the Power 5 will take anymore, but as we have seen before, when the first domino falls, it's usually not the last.  I think ND will be eventually forced in some way or another to join a conference, and I do hope it's the B1G.  Just makes so much sense from any way you look at it.  Let them keep the NBC contract, and keep their home games on that network as is, and then away games would be on ABC/ESPN/BTN.  If that happens, I would much rather add Virginia (or preferably Va Tech, but not sure if they meet the academic standards of the B1G or not), and grow the footprint south, versus further to the Northeast with UConn. 

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Unless Notre Dame asks for an invite, the Big Ten is finished expanding.   If they do ask, I could see them coming in with 1 more team (Connecticut?) and that being the end of it.  

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Uconn won't be invited. You can bank on that. Outside of ND there are other schools that it interested could make the switch. I could see unc, UVA, Texas as well would fit within their general criteria. 

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Take ND and OK and call it a day. Don't water this conference down anymore. I actually had a dream/nightmare that Bowling Green and Kent State were admitted to the B1G...I think that's a sign of too much obsession with OSU football!

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But we already added Johns Hopkins....