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    Anytime the Buckeyes kick the crap out of Penn State
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Comment 28 May 2014

I love those tools from the SEC. It seems as if they forget that they have to travel to Kentucky and Tenn. which basically have the same climate as Ohio. Oh... Wait they probably DO forget those two are in their league. That is why they have to chant that annoying S...E...C!

Comment 29 Jan 2014

This is the worst team I have seen from OSU in years. There is no leadership. The turnover by Williams is inexcusable! Look for the ball damn it. You're standing in the paint!

Comment 08 Jan 2014

I work with some of the brightest and gifted students in my school. What I have noticed about most of them who have "genius" IQ's is that they ARE some of the dumbest students in the building and have no common sense. I would rather have Joe 6 pack coordinate the offense in the last two games! We should have an 11W feed to the coordinator box next year for us to call up plays!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I voted NO because beating TTUN is no longer a good measure of success. They suck! We have visions of crystal footballs now. Looking forward to seeing this young talent use these losses to Improve next year ( and lay 60 on TTUN)


Comment 25 Dec 2013

Thank you 11W for the Christmas skully! It's a wonderful life being a Buckeye!

Comment 08 Dec 2013

Having been at the 1998 game I must admit that this loss does not equal the shock and pain of that one. I knew that when push comes to shove our D this year ( and the last 2 ) were merely adequate, and not the Silver Bullets. I respect the passion that Shazier played with last night, but when the other team has all 11 playing with the same passion and talent it is too much to overcome.  Hoping FAU comes calling for Fickell soon.

Comment 22 Nov 2013

As a Buckeye fan I feel blessed that we are surrounded by class acts from the past and present. It is nice to be able to revel in our Past accomplishments, while also accomplishing new feats Presently. It is WAY too frustrating hearing from fans of other teams who only have past accomplishments to dwell on who are envious of the Bucks. ( eg. TTUN. How many of those wins came after leather helmets quit being worn?)

Comment 05 Sep 2013

The real reason Maryland is not giving out game balls is they can't afford to buy more and have to keep using them until the B1G money arries!

Comment 31 Aug 2013

It's game day in PA! The flags are out the 8 foot inflatable Brutus is up and my neighbors were awakened to Buckeye Battle Cry this morning at 7 am! 


Go Bucks!

Comment 19 Jul 2013

Who are these guys? If this is such a problem why don't we see REAL college football players upset?

Comment 18 Jul 2013

Not necessarily true. While the degree will say The Pennsylvania State University at the top, under the name of the degree they list the campus the degree was obtained at. In your example it would state "World Campus" I completed my Master's program at Penn State and took a few classes at other campuses. On my transcript the classes not taken at UP were listed as such.

Comment 10 Jul 2013

Purchased it yesterday because I only had ncaa 2010. My kids an I burned the cover while listening to buckeye battle cry in our driveway. Our neighbors who are all PSU fans just don't understand

Comment 25 May 2013

I had my first job at ACHS right after graduating from Ohio State and was at the championship game in 97. I really loved how passionate the community is for their team and how supportive the were of the band that year.

Comment 16 May 2013

I wish I could tell you who the commencement speaker was at my graduation from Ohio State, but the ceremony never got that far! There was a light rain that became a downpour, and we all started body surfing on the stadium floor! Once the sound system shorted out they sent us over to the French field house to get our degrees. It took forever, but once the beers started  flowing in from 7/11 across the street everything improved! SP 1997 commencement was definitely one for the ages!