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Power 5 have autonomy to make own rules

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August 7, 2014 at 1:58pm

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I hope they outlaw oversigning.

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Key early issues are expected to include full cost-of-attendance stipends worth up to $5,000 per player, four-year scholarship guarantees, loosened rules involving contact between players and agents as well as outside career pursuits for players, staff sizes, recruiting rules, mandatory hours spent on individual sports, and travel allowances for players' families to attend postseason games.


Areas that will not fall under the autonomy umbrella include postseason tournaments, transfer policies, scholarship limits, signing day and rules governing on-the-field play.

From the article... I believe that last line covers the issue of oversigning (scholarships). But who knows how things will play out.

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I'm pretty sure the SEC already did that before today.

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I think this is mainly an effort by the NCAA to save their collective asses. If this happens, the SEC will go nuts on rules probably more than they already do.

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exactly, Slive basically summed it up when he said if the Power 5 conferences aren't given autonomy, then they have to consider making a Division 4.  NCAA had to do this, or risk losing all of the money the Power 5 bring in.

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and now the mad grab for more teams in each conference begins even more. People will want to have more voting power

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Curious what does that mean for a school like Notre Dame - for football they do not have a conference, correct?

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They are considered a "Power 5 Conference member" for the purposes of this ruling.

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So Gene Smith was right about something for once........

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Just think how many churches Cecil Newton could repair today! 

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You must be joking. The Chief Crook of the NCAA,Mark Emmert ,already lets the SEC do whatever they want. Apparently now it will be legal. Boy,now you are really going to see some great teams at Alabama,LSU and Auburn

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 (A gift for Mr. Byrnes) 

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Hopefully this means EA Sports NCAA Football 16!

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Would be great, but isn't that an issue with the players themselves as individuals, not the schools?  I guess if the schools can figure out how to compensate the players for using their likenesses, than it could come back, but would it only be with the 65 schools in the power 5?

Pain don't hurt-Dalton

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I loved the suggestion that someone made previously - so many players enjoy the video games that you could probably get away with removing the all-time teams and simply give the current players each a copy of the game for free, or a certain set number for each team's locker room that the kids could play.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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Nice knowing you MAC football.

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So sad.  R.I.P. College Football

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Mark Emmert has destroyed college football. He needs to leave the NCAA and get a job on Wall Street where his inept and crooked leadership would not only be accepted but welcomed

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Giving the SEC more say in how college football is run is like making Russia a permanent member of the UN security council.

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I actually view it as directly opposite of that. The sec was like say North Korea doing any and everything they wanted without consequence while everyone else had to follow strict guidelines for fear of serious punishment. Now we just make all those  things they were doing actually legal and everyone gets to benefit from them not just them. I see no way it could put them out  any further ahead,if anything it will help the other power 4 catch up.

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It just feels like more loop holes are being opened and only a matter of time before these new loopholes get tested.

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It would have been nice to reach a middle ground- 4 year scholarships, full scholarship price of admission etc, and health insurance for players. That doesn't mean we pay Braxton 1M a year. There should have been some common sense at some point.

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I agree. A trust fund to provide for players' future medical issues resulting from collegiate athletics seems like a no-brainer. It will be interesting to see where the stipend discussion goes from here. Many of my SEC friends agree that it needs to be a set amount that is identical for each school, otherwise, just make the entire sport wide open like the NFL.

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill

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This is saddening news.  College football as we used to know it is forever gone now.  :-/

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While somewhat true, it's not necessarily sad. With the growing number of FBS teams, some sort of restructure was needed. There's always been separation between the big schools and the little guys. It's just more clearly defined now. 

I'm hoping the benefits stay strictly to student-athlete welfare, not student-athlete advancement. A 5-10k stipend per year is fair in my opinion. These guys dedicate so much time to football, it's nearly impossible to have a job. 

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